Thursday, June 12, 2008

I Be Back

My computer is still all jacked up, I can't even get it to turn on....and well guess what...."What?" you say...."I didn't back up all my saved knitting patterns." NICE... Well I still have to find someone to pull my files off if the hard drive.... Dh did go out and buy me a new computer on Sat. Oh and that's a story. I was bitching because his "friend" was going to fix my computer and he flaked out twice. I was pissed. Well it was around 7pm and he said he'd take care of it. I had no clue what that meant. Well he went to a well known big boxed electronic store and picked out a laptop. (that's what I'm using now) He wanted them to hook up the router and some other techy stuff I didn't want to deal with. They said it would be done by open on Sunday at the latest. I'm thinking, Cool I can reopen my shops on Monday, check my email, etc... Well we go to pick up the thing on Sunday and their power was out. Ok, I'm thinking, no big deal, it's paid for and it should be done we should be able to get it....Yea NO. Ok I was pissed. So Monday rolls around. No power, No computer. Tuesday I have to go to the mall anyway...No Power, Call to Corp. Have computer. It's not done, they didn't get the Router installed. So I have to take it back and have them do it. Sigh. I'm making Dh take it this weekend and stay there till it's done. I'd install the router myself, but fuck we paid for it. So, just in case, the shops will reopen as soon as I get my computer back AGAIN. LOVE IT!

So that is the story of my computer drama.

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