Saturday, June 21, 2008

Does anyone know????

How to pull files off a computer you can't turn on..... I'm lost without all my knitting patterns...there all stuck on my other computer. I have stuff on there that that I just can seem to find, sigh... I really like my new computer, but man I'm all messed up, I'm not working on my shops as much and haven't even installed my printer yet....all that stuff is upstairs.

I been knitting a little, no pictures, but I've been working on a pair of baby pants to match some onies I found on sale. I really need to get a picture of the super cool Misfits one I found. It will be super cute on Spawn. Oh she has a name, Lilith Rose, we will call her Lilly. She's starting to really move around in there, she likes to do it when I'm playing WOW at night....I love WOW it's like crack!!! I just have the trial and that will be up soon....I'm not sure if I'll go and get the full version....It really sucks my knitting time after Gooey goes to bed.

Oh we got Gooey a really spiffy swing set, it's wood. We picked it up yesterday and still have to put it together. I really think she'll enjoy it!

That blue superwash is still sitting on my wheel unfinished....I really need to get that done and in the shop.

I just don't know where my time goes anymore.....

I did list some new rings in the other shop
I made a pretty coral and yellow one, I'll list them next week.

I'm hoping to get some knitting done this weekend....that and the swing set. Not that I'd be much help with I'm getting huge!!!! Anyway have a great weekend!!!


Sandykins57 said...

I could probably do it, if your old computer and I were both in Sweden where my equipment is located. It would involve pulling the old hard drive out of the old computer and hooking it up via a cable and another thingy to another computer and copying off the files you need to keep. All of that is provided that the hard drive crashing isn't what has caused the old computer not to start in the first place. Of course, all that is IF I was in Sweden and had your old computer with me. Unforunately, I'm in Indiana right now and your computer isn't here and my equipment isn't here, either.

Sorry, I wasn't much help, was I.

merlinthecat said...

I'm pretty sure one of the fans died and the harddrive is ok..but what do I know :) but thank you so much for the info, i'm glad to know that it can be done :) TY