Friday, May 02, 2008


Some of Momma-Monkey's patterns are now uploaded to Ravelry. More to come soon.

The Key and The Flower The Key and The Flower.

A pearl Ring A Pearl Ring.

Just a couple things I made for the shop this week. It's been sooooo slow I'm hoping by adding new items everday this week I might be able to sell some stuff.... We are still waiting to get stimulated, not like I get to buy anything cool, it's all going to bills. I love bills, not. I'm still working on the man socks, I need to get a picture of them...this is a knitting blog and all. I've also been working on the BFL I'm hoping to have it done and listed next week. I should get a pic of the baby belly...I'm getting HUGE...but I'm ok with that, I feel normal, well mostly, so I can handle baby belly. Gooey is still sure it's a boy and has named him. If it is a boy I pretty sure well use it. hmmmmm.... Have a great weekend :)

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Batty said...

Yay for really starting to show!

Love the ring. Will be poking around your store... this time, it has nothing to do with yarn diets, so it's OK.