Monday, May 05, 2008

C#&k Sucking H&R Block

Ok I know it's not their fault...but I won't be getting stimulated this week like I thought...We had the fees taken out of the refund so the IRS doesn't have our bank info. I filed my taxes way before anyone was talking about the stimulas how was I to know if I would have just waited 4 more days to file my taxes I could be rolling in $$$ right now...well not really...I guess we will have to wait till who knows when to get it. Oh well.

Ok I'm done bitching :)

Hey look some knitting!!!

Man Sock in the Ivy
It's a man sock..... ohhhhh ahhhhh ohhhh ahhhh....I'm using some Regia stuff I got on sale forever long ago.

Button Cha-Cha Bracelet
It's a button Cha-Cha bracelet.... I just started playing with some shank style buttons...and this is what I got. I'd so keep this if I ever wore jewelry so I listed it in the shop :)

Oh here is something you need to see...

A slug getting the hell out of that bowl
Is that not the coolest thing you have ever seen? So Dh was moving a wood pile and we found 4 of these under it...That is the biggest slug I have ever seen, and they were pretty! After we moved the wood we put them in a bowl and took them to their new home. All of them made it back safely...(I thought I ah killed one, but he was fine) If you want to see the other ones click on the picture and it will take you to flickr.. You know you want to!

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Alyssa said...

Love love love the bracelet.