Saturday, May 31, 2008

Another Week Gone..

Really what do I do?

This week was kinda crappy out so we didn't spend much time outside. I did finely get Gooey's playroom cleaned up. Man is she bad a putting her stuff away. It took me all day to get most of it done, we still have to reset up the Barbie house.

I've been knitting Dh's man socks, almost to the toe on the one...Spinning a bit, some baby blue superwash merino for the shop. It's getting harder to spin with the baby belly. And, Dude am I sleepy all the time. I should get a belly pic of these days. Oh next Thr we get to find out what Spawn is, pretty cool!

I did make a few thing for the other are a few pics :)

Black As Night So I have a thing for rings, there so easy to make and cute!
A Peony For Your Finger
A Rose For Your Finger

I made couple pairs of earrings too....

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