Saturday, May 31, 2008

Another Week Gone..

Really what do I do?

This week was kinda crappy out so we didn't spend much time outside. I did finely get Gooey's playroom cleaned up. Man is she bad a putting her stuff away. It took me all day to get most of it done, we still have to reset up the Barbie house.

I've been knitting Dh's man socks, almost to the toe on the one...Spinning a bit, some baby blue superwash merino for the shop. It's getting harder to spin with the baby belly. And, Dude am I sleepy all the time. I should get a belly pic of these days. Oh next Thr we get to find out what Spawn is, pretty cool!

I did make a few thing for the other are a few pics :)

Black As Night So I have a thing for rings, there so easy to make and cute!
A Peony For Your Finger
A Rose For Your Finger

I made couple pairs of earrings too....

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Here is the knitting post I told you about last week...Really I'm not sure what I do all week, I really should be able to blog more...

Up first we have a Montego Bay Scarf from the summer 07 IK. I'm using ArtYarns Royal Silk. I've had this yarn around for over a year, I got it CHEAP from Knithappens when they closed down their online store. I think I paid $11 a skein or something like that, as pretty as this yarn is I don't think I'd ever pay full price. Anyway I've tryed selling it and trading it and now I found a use for it.

Montego Bay Scarf
I really like how easy this pattern is! I don't know if I'll ever wear it...I mean I never go anywhere...I don't think I need silk to go to Wal-Mart....:)

Blue Bell and MBS

Here is a close up of the yarn (and a pair of earrings I made) OHHHHH SHINY!!!!! I love to just pet the scarf!!!

And now we have the man socks... well Sock
Man Sock

These are for DH for fathers day.....not like he should get anything...I got a match box car that Gooey lost for both my Birthday and Mothers day....NICE. Really I don't care...atleast Gooey picked out the match box car.

I'm only showing you these because I think they are super cool...
Maple...Bling for your ears

I love those colors together!!!!!

Well have a great holiday weekend! Till next time :)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

As The Tree Falls Part 2

So I've spent most of the week working on getting the tree down. Kind hard with only a hand saw. But I did get alot of the little stuff cut up :) I've also found time this week to work on someother stuff...

First up...

Handspun Sock BFL Gooey Here is that BFL in Gooey all 440 yards of it!

I also made 5 sets of these...all in different colors :)

Flowers For Your Hair

And this, another button Cha-Cha Bracelet..

Button Cha-Cha Bracelet Blue

And then this one in green..
Button Cha-Cha Green

I've also have been knitting, and I promise next post it will be all about it!!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

As The Tree Falls

We have a new saga here at Merlin's house. Yesterday wile we where out at the craft shore cashing in my gift card I got for my B-day (I got beady stuff) this happens....
As The Tree Falls
As The Tree Falls
As The Tree Falls
This is a picture of the coolest tree now on the ground...I loved this tree it was so neat looking and old, we're still not sure how it stayed alive so long. We have been losing bit of it here and there, and really it should have been taken out a long time ago. I guess it sounded like a car crash when it fell, I kinda sad I missed it. No one was hurt, it was super rainy and crappy out yesterday. It didn't hit any of Gooey's outdoor toys, so glad. Well I'll be spending my week taking care of the small stuff on our side, most of it fell next door. Yea for "act of God"! Next Sunday Dh will rent a couple of chain saws and get the big stuff taken care of. (Sunday is his only day off) He will be helping next door clean up too, cause it's the nice thing to do. I won't go over there, they have like 800 pit bulls and well I don't like pit bulls.... (really it's like 4 and a rot)

I had a much better Sat! Stephie and Woogie come over and we had a pizza party, I didn't feel like a movie and there was nothing I really wanted to see right now anyway... I got some super cool gifts, Stephie got me a mini food processor that I've wanted and a couple of shirts. Woogie got me a tank top, one of those Wallflower things from Bath and Body works and the refills and a tart burner thingie. All stuff I'd never buy for myself, very cool! Also I got 2 pairs of Old Navy flip flop from our friend Colleen. I need them sooo bad, mine our hit. Mia one of my cats likes to nibble on them...I'll be keeping these away from her!

Oh Steph, click here to sign up for Ravelry, you will so love it!

Well I better go get something to eat and get my ass outside to cut up some sticks...This is so going to suck!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Cha-Cha Ring Bling

oh oh oh lookie what I made :)

Cha-Cha Ring Bling


Cha-Cha Ring Bling

They are so freakin cute I want to keep them!!!

I still haven't finished my BFL, it just needs to be plyed...I've been spending way to much time on the computer lately, so I'm not getting anything done....I have been working on the man sock...but that's pretty much it.

I got a super cool b-day gift from my friend Kath. She made me the coolest pair of earrings, got me a bath bomb from etsy that I've wanted for ever, a super cute vintage wall hanging of mushrooms, (I love me some shrooms) and a Michaels gift card. I should really take pictures of everything :) Tomorrow is my birthday...I'll be I'm getting old hehehe I don't have anything planned for tomorrow, but I'm going out on Sat with my sister and Stephie to see a movie...I haven't been out to see a movie in YEARS!!! I think maybe before I had Gooey...I don't remember...

Monday, May 05, 2008

C#&k Sucking H&R Block

Ok I know it's not their fault...but I won't be getting stimulated this week like I thought...We had the fees taken out of the refund so the IRS doesn't have our bank info. I filed my taxes way before anyone was talking about the stimulas how was I to know if I would have just waited 4 more days to file my taxes I could be rolling in $$$ right now...well not really...I guess we will have to wait till who knows when to get it. Oh well.

Ok I'm done bitching :)

Hey look some knitting!!!

Man Sock in the Ivy
It's a man sock..... ohhhhh ahhhhh ohhhh ahhhh....I'm using some Regia stuff I got on sale forever long ago.

Button Cha-Cha Bracelet
It's a button Cha-Cha bracelet.... I just started playing with some shank style buttons...and this is what I got. I'd so keep this if I ever wore jewelry so I listed it in the shop :)

Oh here is something you need to see...

A slug getting the hell out of that bowl
Is that not the coolest thing you have ever seen? So Dh was moving a wood pile and we found 4 of these under it...That is the biggest slug I have ever seen, and they were pretty! After we moved the wood we put them in a bowl and took them to their new home. All of them made it back safely...(I thought I ah killed one, but he was fine) If you want to see the other ones click on the picture and it will take you to flickr.. You know you want to!

Friday, May 02, 2008


Some of Momma-Monkey's patterns are now uploaded to Ravelry. More to come soon.

The Key and The Flower The Key and The Flower.

A pearl Ring A Pearl Ring.

Just a couple things I made for the shop this week. It's been sooooo slow I'm hoping by adding new items everday this week I might be able to sell some stuff.... We are still waiting to get stimulated, not like I get to buy anything cool, it's all going to bills. I love bills, not. I'm still working on the man socks, I need to get a picture of them...this is a knitting blog and all. I've also been working on the BFL I'm hoping to have it done and listed next week. I should get a pic of the baby belly...I'm getting HUGE...but I'm ok with that, I feel normal, well mostly, so I can handle baby belly. Gooey is still sure it's a boy and has named him. If it is a boy I pretty sure well use it. hmmmmm.... Have a great weekend :)