Friday, April 25, 2008

Merlin's Week

Wow it's been over a week already? What did I do this week...hmmmmm. Well not much really, Gooey and I spent most of the week outside. We planted the garden, well most of it last weekend. All the seedlings we started inside have sprouted :)

Oh I had a doc appt yesterday. Every thing looks good. The heart rate was 147bpm and I only gained 2lbs! I have to go back mid May for blood tests and then in June to find out the sex...I can't wait to fine out.

Gooey and I went to register at Baby's r us. My sister is going to give me a small baby shower and my b-day's coming up and people keep asking me what I need...That and I can keep track of what I still need....Pretty much everything...remind me this time not to get rid of the stuff....k. I've been picking up little stuff every time I run to the store and am saving all the $$ from the shops to buy the big stuff, 1st thing will be the pack n play.

I didn't knit our spin much this week...I'm still working on the burp cloths. It's going to be cool and rainy next week, so I should have somthing to show you. Have a great weekend!

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Batty said...

Almost there! It's almost May, then you'll only have to wait a little bit to find out. Have fun knitting and picking out gifts.