Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Maybe it won't snow again...

Oh it's sooo nice today. Gooey and I spent most of it playing in the yard.

The GardenHere is where we are putting most of the garden. This is our first year doing this. The garden is pretty much where I wash wool...not that I will be washing a lot of wool this year. I need more wool like I need a hole in my head.

GooeyHere's Gooey Blowing some bubbles :)

Burp Cloth I finished this today. This is my 3rd burp cloth so far. I've started an other one. I'm not sure how many I'll depends on if I get sick of them or not.

Fluffs Ball on Gooey's bed Here's a not so great pic of Fluffs, he doesn't let me take pictures of him much so I'm luck to get this one:) He's on Gooey's bed.

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