Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I Feel Human Again

I can knit again and I almost feel normal! Oh its so cool! Well as long as I eat I'm ok. But it's not like it was a couple weeks ago! Man that so sucked!

Well let's see...what have I been doing. We decided we're planting a veggie garden this year so we've been getting that ready. We can't plant till next month, But we still have a lot to do! It's been so nice out we've been outside as much as we can! I've been spinning and knitting! No handspun pics, not till it's washed.

Oh shop news...for now they will both stay open as long as I can keep them open. After the baby comes I'll reopen the This and That Shop as soon as I can make it up stairs for an hour. The yarn shop will stay closed for awile..not forever!

Here is what I've been working on!

Muir This is Muir from Knitty! I'm using Alchemy Haiku in Koi Pond. I was lucky and was able to get this yarn on sale!

Burp cloths Here are some burp cloths from Mason-Dixon. These are great mindless knits to work on when I'm outside watching Gooey play! I'm kinda freaking out about baby stuff...I don't have anything anymore...well I still have the crib, car seat, and breast pump...I didn't think I'd breed again. So no yarn buying for me for awile...not like I need any!!!!

Oh here's a cute picture!
Zara Gooey And Maggie Maggie, Gooey, and Zara! Zara is a year old now!

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Batty said...

Lovely pictures!

Alchemy makes the most wonderful yarns. Expensive, but oh so beautiful.