Thursday, April 17, 2008

I can't think of a good title...

Hello I'm posting more again! I finished more yarn last week. This stuff was sitting on a bobbin for a long time, well not that long...I think I started it in Jan.
Wool Mohair River BedI'm calling it River Bed. It reminds me of the colors you'd find in a river :) The fiber was the last of the millends I got from Julie from Flawful Fiber (see side bar). It was dyed by me :) There is 4oz and 413 yards. If you want to see more of it click on the picture and it will take you to flickr, or you can stop by the shop, it's in there :)

Oh here are some little seedlings Gooey and I planted on Sunday.
Marigolds Marigolds.

Morning Glory and Morning Glory. Gooey picked these out when we got the veggie seeds. So I have them in those little green house things...and well I lost the that they've sprouted do I take off the top now? We also have the herbs, green pep. and toms in one...but they haven't sprouted yet...I thinking that we planted the g/p and the toms to late so we'll have to go buy plants, but that's ok I'll just put these in pots and keep them in the house! Well it's another nice day and were off to play again :)

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