Sunday, January 20, 2008

Yarn Power

You know what really bugs me..extremists. Not the sports kind. I'm talking religious, political and the what not. Everyone has the right to their views and beliefs but to goat people on or to hurt them is just fucking wrong. I was up late tonight watching a documentary on the Nazi movement in America on one of the History Channels. Wow. Do you know that in most cases they only demonstrate to piss people off and see their reactions. They want to see people get angry and get off on it...It's all about power and by reacting you are giving it to them. And to think they think that this is what their god wants. You know this is why I despise organized religion... All those wackos out there doing some really fuck up shit in the name of their god. I'm sorry but I really don't think that a god would want anyone to kill of and destroy a race or culture, or wish harm on others.

Ok that's it I'm starting my own movement! Here are the rules:

You must:
love yarn and fiber
Craft with yarn and fiber
Only associate with others who craft and love yarn and fiber
People who do not love or craft with yarn and fiber must be turned to do so or destroyed

Well will call our movement the Yarn Power Movement.

Pretty fucked up huh...quite absurd I think. To me this is how nuts these extremists and fundamentalist sound to me.

What the hell is going on in this world.

Ok now for some knitting if you still with me.

Baby Blanket
First up we have the baby blanket. No this isn't for me just in case your wondering. This was taken a few days ago... I think only one rep done here. I've started my 2nd ball of yarn and will have another progess pic next week.

sots2 Clue 1

Now we have clue 1 from SotSii... I like is so far and I can't wait for the next clue. Wile I'm waiting for it to come out next friday I've started working on Secret-of-Chrysopolis. I've changed my yarn. I'm now using ColourMart silk...mmmm yummy! I even forgot I had it. I knitted the swatch and am up to row 4 on clue 1. I'll get a pick of the swatch soon. Ok off too bed!

Yarn Power


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Yarn Power!

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Oooh, can I join the Yarn Power movement? Let me know when we have our first rally -- not to piss people off, but to get them to go yarn shopping!