Sunday, January 06, 2008

Shop Info :)

Merlin The Cat Yarns is going brick and mortar! Come visit me at the Mega Mall in Lansing MI Booth B-5!!!
This and That Batts will stay in the shop for now and I hope to be updating with more Handpainted sock in the next month or so :)

Brick and Mortar

Brick and Mortar
Brick and Mortar

I hope this works :)


Batty said...


Do you just sell your own creations there, or do you also sell conventional yarn lines?

merlinthecat said...

I think in time I'll pick up some other yarns....We're setting up today so we'll have to see how it goes :)

Raeknits!_and_spins said...

Yay Cortney! This is so exciting! And you never know until you try. Best of luck!