Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Sea Slime and Dirty Girl

Sea Slime and Dirty Girl

I've been trying to spin some thing other then sock yarn.... here is what I finished yesterday. Sea Slime is about 90 yards and Dirty Girl is about 98 yards both spun from my this and that batts. I've started pulling the batts from the etsy shop to spin for the booth. I thinking it a good idea to have something other then sock yarn there. I'm really hoping the booth works out. I still don't like the idea of my inventory not sitting in a box right next to me. But if this works out it could really turn in to something. I never thought I'd do something like this, don't get me wrong etsy is great, but the market is flooded and people are under pricing they're yarn. Fuck I saw 400 yards of handspun sock yarn for $20, how and the hell am I going to compete with that? And I was under pricing my yarn! I'm not trying to be big on myself or anything, but I spin some damn good sock yarn, and it's worth more then I was charging on etsy and it wasn't moving... Hell I'm good at what I do, my customer service is far better then most.... maybe I just pissed too many people off... What the fuck ever!

In happy knitting land, I've finished those pics, there in the car. I've been knitting wash cloths for the booth, to go with Joe's soaps....I can't seem to start anything right now. I'm just not feeling anything...I thought I'd just jump in to something after I finished all that x-mas knitting...There were so many things I wanted to I don't even remember what they were! I really hope something comes to me! Maybe a pair of socks....or I could finished some of those old WIP.....


Kerry said...

Sorry to hear that your sock yarn isn't moving. There's definitely a lot of underpriced handspun on etsy...I had some up myself, until I realized how underpriced it was and took it down. As someone who crafts and sells for fun, not as a profession, I didn't want to undercut those of you who do this for a living. Good luck with the booth!

Batty said...

Your sock yarn is beautiful. I'm knitting with it right now, and it's much nicer than some of the other stuff that's sold at the LYS. Just sayin'.