Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Party Like A Rock Star!

Happy New Year!

I'm hot cause I'm fly, you ain't cause you're not.

Sooo I've spent my night with Jimmy and a little MTV..So beware of super lame song quotes and super bad spelling and gramer!

My New Years Resolutions are:

Get Healthy
Knit for myself and my family
Get my knitting girl tattoo
Finish my OLD wip
Knit myself a sweater
Spin a bunch
Get a part time job...(so don't wanta do this one but I gotta)
Stop playing the game and be myself

You know I was sitting down stairs getting ready to come up to bed and thinking that I'd write some fun witty drunken blog post....well I'm not feeling it. But I will tell you this I'm going to stop worry about what people thing about me, I'm going to say whatever the FUCK I want and not worry about who I offend. I always worry about about the things I write here...like oh my god I might offend someone who might shop in my store. Hell I'm quite sure my products are great and a pretty good value for the money and my customer service is better then you get at a lot of places, this in it's self should be plenty. I'm done! I'm sick of my super lame "oh guess what I'm knitting" posts, lets get some content and personality in here! I don't like the game. It's so not fun! Don't get me wrong I'm not going to sit here and talk shit about people, or even deliberately piss people off...ok maybe alittle cause it's funny. (Like the Bad Religion sticker on the back of our Lincoln funny because people don't know that the crossed out cross is the band logo not some Satanist thing.) Do you see where I'm going with this.....I'm not sure I do, but whatever....

I think I'm going to go drink some water and get to bed..


Oh and

Smack That!


Batty said...

That's a great resolution. Stop caring what people think, that way lies happiness!

Have a happy, healthy New Year. And don't be afraid to be yourself.

Falkor15 said...

Go Cortney Go!