Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My Vote

So our primary is tomorrow and I have done my research and I have made my choice. I'm going with Mitt. I came to my choice for a few reasons. I want you to first keep in mind that I am most likely one of the most liberal people you'd ever meet....anyway. My thinking is that if I voted for the person I'd like to be president it would be Hillary. I agree with her on most of the issues and hell I think the Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton would be kinda funny :) I digress and I do often...Do I think Clinton will become president, no not really, do I think Obama will become president, No...I don't see the right winged religious freaks letting this happen. Hell you can't become president and not be a member of the good old boys club ...Now that takes us to Mitt. I'm voting for Mitt because I would much rather give up my yarn then see McCain with any power. That man just creeps me out. He looks like a chipmunk who won't give up his nuts. Digressing again. I'm voting for the Republican that I can live with if I have to. When it comes down to the money shot I'll most likely vote a Democrat. This is my thinking....Now for those of you who I didn't piss of completely here is some knitting content.

Swatch for Secret of the Stole II
Here is my lovely swatch for Secret of the Stole II! I love Love LOVE this yarn, it make me hot! I'm using Kaalund Expressions in Moss. It's all mohair and I love the feel and the little bit of fuzz. It's a 2 ply yarn so it's not super fuzzy and as you can see the lace show up quite nicely! I would say it's just a bit fuzzier then an alpaca yarn but heavier. I've also been pumping out baby socks for K&Ks' sister, I have 2 pairs left. Wow making baby socks is a great way to use up the left over sock yarn I have. I'm making a few extra to list in the shop and take to the booth. Also I should be getting the yarn for the baby blanket this week so I'll start that. I'm really looking forward for the Secret of The Stole II clue! I haven't spun the last 2 days. K1 came over yesterday and we went to the Mega Mall so I could show her the booth. We also found some goodies. I picked up the coolest ceramic owl. He's just so cute, I should get a picture of Hooty for you. He's a little shy...but I think he's warming up to his new home :) Ok off to bed.

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Nellie said...

Interesting political reasoning. I come from a long line of Labor (Democrat equivalent in Australia) supporters, and I cant help but wonder if the Democrats are going to saddle themselves with two candidates who cant win. I hope I'm proved wrong. Oh, and lovely lace swatches too!