Saturday, January 12, 2008

More Spinning

Loopy Party

Mohair with a poly binder and core
My handpainted roving
4.8oz 283 yards

Grape Cream
Copper Pot Batts
75 yards 4.1 oz


My batts
76 yards 4.8 oz


Roving from my spinning sp Knittingkitty
68 yards 3.9 oz


Merino/Corriedale/Mohair with a eyelash core (copied from an idea of Julie's from Flawful Fibers)
4.5 oz 128 Yards

Here is what I've been doing the last few days :) I'm going to now start to restock the etsy shop with Handspun will be a week or so before you'll see anything new in there, but it will happen. I'm thinking that I will rotate my stock every 3 months or so from the etsy shop to the booth. We haven't sold anything at the booth yet, but were hoping for a good weekend!

In happy knitting land I swatched for Secret of the Stole 2. I'm using Kaalund Yarns Expressions in Moss. It's a 2ply 100 percent (my percent key doesn't work anymore) Mohair hand dyed in Australia. I had picked up a bunch when KnitHappens had that Internet sale last year. I don't remember what I payed for it.. but I know it was cheap! Anyway I really like how the swatch looks in the yarn, it's blocking so I'll try to get pictures tomorrow.

I've decided that I WILL keep up and finish SotS2. I've join almost every one of these lace Kals in the last year and haven't doen any of them. It's not that I didn't like the patterns, it's just been a time thing, I need more!

I've also been working on some knitted wash cloths for the booth. My friends K & K's older sister is having her first baby, and I'm knitting some little socks for her. I will be also knitting a blanket for K2 to give as a gift. I ordered the yarn from Knitpicks, (swish dk in cornflower) got shipped today, so I should have it sometime next week. I'll be starting it then.

Well that's all I got for now...I'm going to go do some research on the candidates....are primary is next week I think...not like some of Democrats give a fuck since they are all pissed off we moved our primary up so we could have some real say in who will be in the White House and took themselves off the ballots...Ass Wipes! Fuck it's not like we shouldn't have a say, Michigan's economy is shit and everyone who isn't stuck here is moving....Well I need to go get me self edge-a-ma-cated.

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Batty said...

That mohair-and-stuff yarn is amazing!