Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Do you like buttons?

I do, now..I was able to pick up a 10 lb box of vintage buttons this weekend for the new shop. I've been giving myself a crash course in how to tell if they are Bakelite, I pretty sure I've got it down! I've also spent the day sorting them in to colors, not even close to being done. I think it will take me months to get them all sorted and listed. I'll take some pictures tomorrow of them all together, there were some on cards ready to list...I think it's going to be fun running 2 Etsy shops. Along with the buttons I'll be listing some vintage and destash beads and some of Joe's soaps he's been working on. mmm Goats Milk soap is nice. As for happy knitting land, I'm about half way done with the baby blanket and am really going to try to get it done by wed of next week, I'd like to get it done this week, but I have the new shop launch and SotSii clue 2 to finish by Friday. I haven't touched my wheel in about 2 weeks...I think she misses me...

Shop update info

Merlin The Cat Yarns
More flower stitch markers next week
New BFL Sock soon

Merlin's This and That
Hand Poured Goat's Milk soap (2 bars, more to come soon)
Destash and Vintage Beads
Buttons, Buttons, and more Buttons!!!


ZantiMissKnit said...

I was told that, to test to see if it is Bakelite, rub it very fast and hard on your jeans for a few minutes and sniff it. It will have a very distinct aroma.

sopranospinner said...

The Bakelite test I was taught was to rub it with Formula 409 on a Q-tip or cotton ball or such and if it comes off yellow, it's Bakelite. This is from antiquing school. Have fun!