Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Do you like buttons?

I do, now..I was able to pick up a 10 lb box of vintage buttons this weekend for the new shop. I've been giving myself a crash course in how to tell if they are Bakelite, I pretty sure I've got it down! I've also spent the day sorting them in to colors, not even close to being done. I think it will take me months to get them all sorted and listed. I'll take some pictures tomorrow of them all together, there were some on cards ready to list...I think it's going to be fun running 2 Etsy shops. Along with the buttons I'll be listing some vintage and destash beads and some of Joe's soaps he's been working on. mmm Goats Milk soap is nice. As for happy knitting land, I'm about half way done with the baby blanket and am really going to try to get it done by wed of next week, I'd like to get it done this week, but I have the new shop launch and SotSii clue 2 to finish by Friday. I haven't touched my wheel in about 2 weeks...I think she misses me...

Shop update info

Merlin The Cat Yarns
More flower stitch markers next week
New BFL Sock soon

Merlin's This and That
Hand Poured Goat's Milk soap (2 bars, more to come soon)
Destash and Vintage Beads
Buttons, Buttons, and more Buttons!!!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Thank You George W

Wait I shouldn't be thanking the puppet, I should be thanking the puppet master. Thank you Chaney! Now send me my fucking money. Do you really thing the American people can with till June? Dude, seriously I think you should really get the ball rolling. Not that this will fix our economic problems... and I don't mean to sound ungrateful or anything, by all means send me all the money you want! But, we are in this situations because of the mistakes of this administration ie that there war we be fightin. Don't get me wrong, I in full support the men and women over there trying to clean up that mess. I feel for the people of Iraq. But I still feel we should have never stepped foot in that hell hole. What was the point? To keep the price of oil down, now that fucking laughable! Saddam my have been a tyrant but at least he could control his country...oh but wait he was going to sell all the oil to China because they were going to pay more.... I wonder if this is going to get my phone tapped. I bet they'd really enjoy my conversations about yarn....Speaking of yarn! I have a picture for you!

The Baby blanket

Here is the baby blanket I've been working on! Isn't it pretty! I can't wait to see it finished and block out! Blocking is really going to bring out the leafy lace.

Oh and I updated the shop a couple of days ago...some yarn and some super cute flower stitch markers!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I really dislike winter

Man it's been cold! Yes I know it's winter and I live in Michigan, but that doesn't mean I have to like it.

Here is my new swatch for SotC

New secret-of-chrysopolis swatch

I'm using Colourmart silk. Oh wow is it nice, but a bitch to work with...I've had to start over because I keep dropping stitches.. I've also been working on the baby blanket and am about 5 reps in, there are 2o or 22 and then the edge. I'm trying to do at least 1 rep a day, I'm a day behind and have to do 2 tomorrow. Tomorrow is Latch Hook day. I'm working on a vintage rug. I LOVE vintage latch hook kits! Oh yeah I dyed some sock yarn today, It will be in the shop by the end of the week. I've also ordered tons of beads so new stitch markers coming soon!

On Sunday I started posting my stash on Ravelry. I'm not even close to being done...I think every weeked I'll do a little. I was very fun playing with my yarn!

Here is a question... how do I keep and cat in the house all the time if he's and indoor-outdoor cat? Little B came home yesterday with a huge lump between his eyes...he went to the Vet today and got it lanced, it was a nasty infection... anyway I've never liked him going out...but he was given to me by a friend who lived in BFE so it was ok. I'm in the city...see my problem here?

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Yarn Power

You know what really bugs me..extremists. Not the sports kind. I'm talking religious, political and the what not. Everyone has the right to their views and beliefs but to goat people on or to hurt them is just fucking wrong. I was up late tonight watching a documentary on the Nazi movement in America on one of the History Channels. Wow. Do you know that in most cases they only demonstrate to piss people off and see their reactions. They want to see people get angry and get off on it...It's all about power and by reacting you are giving it to them. And to think they think that this is what their god wants. You know this is why I despise organized religion... All those wackos out there doing some really fuck up shit in the name of their god. I'm sorry but I really don't think that a god would want anyone to kill of and destroy a race or culture, or wish harm on others.

Ok that's it I'm starting my own movement! Here are the rules:

You must:
love yarn and fiber
Craft with yarn and fiber
Only associate with others who craft and love yarn and fiber
People who do not love or craft with yarn and fiber must be turned to do so or destroyed

Well will call our movement the Yarn Power Movement.

Pretty fucked up huh...quite absurd I think. To me this is how nuts these extremists and fundamentalist sound to me.

What the hell is going on in this world.

Ok now for some knitting if you still with me.

Baby Blanket
First up we have the baby blanket. No this isn't for me just in case your wondering. This was taken a few days ago... I think only one rep done here. I've started my 2nd ball of yarn and will have another progess pic next week.

sots2 Clue 1

Now we have clue 1 from SotSii... I like is so far and I can't wait for the next clue. Wile I'm waiting for it to come out next friday I've started working on Secret-of-Chrysopolis. I've changed my yarn. I'm now using ColourMart silk...mmmm yummy! I even forgot I had it. I knitted the swatch and am up to row 4 on clue 1. I'll get a pick of the swatch soon. Ok off too bed!

Yarn Power

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hey Look Another Swatch

This time for Secret-of-Chrysopolis...I never did get around to knitting this during the Kal but after seeing the finished stole I must make it!!!

secret-of-chrysopolis swatch

Here is a super close up of the swatch. I'm using Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud in Peppermint from my stash. I swatched today along with working on the baby blanket. I've got 1 rep of the pattern done. I'll post a pic when there's a little more progress! But I do love the way it's looking right now. Well that's all I got for today! Nothing to fun. Oh I almost forgot I order some base yarn to dye some Superwash Sock for the etsy shop! Yeah!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My Vote

So our primary is tomorrow and I have done my research and I have made my choice. I'm going with Mitt. I came to my choice for a few reasons. I want you to first keep in mind that I am most likely one of the most liberal people you'd ever meet....anyway. My thinking is that if I voted for the person I'd like to be president it would be Hillary. I agree with her on most of the issues and hell I think the Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton would be kinda funny :) I digress and I do often...Do I think Clinton will become president, no not really, do I think Obama will become president, No...I don't see the right winged religious freaks letting this happen. Hell you can't become president and not be a member of the good old boys club ...Now that takes us to Mitt. I'm voting for Mitt because I would much rather give up my yarn then see McCain with any power. That man just creeps me out. He looks like a chipmunk who won't give up his nuts. Digressing again. I'm voting for the Republican that I can live with if I have to. When it comes down to the money shot I'll most likely vote a Democrat. This is my thinking....Now for those of you who I didn't piss of completely here is some knitting content.

Swatch for Secret of the Stole II
Here is my lovely swatch for Secret of the Stole II! I love Love LOVE this yarn, it make me hot! I'm using Kaalund Expressions in Moss. It's all mohair and I love the feel and the little bit of fuzz. It's a 2 ply yarn so it's not super fuzzy and as you can see the lace show up quite nicely! I would say it's just a bit fuzzier then an alpaca yarn but heavier. I've also been pumping out baby socks for K&Ks' sister, I have 2 pairs left. Wow making baby socks is a great way to use up the left over sock yarn I have. I'm making a few extra to list in the shop and take to the booth. Also I should be getting the yarn for the baby blanket this week so I'll start that. I'm really looking forward for the Secret of The Stole II clue! I haven't spun the last 2 days. K1 came over yesterday and we went to the Mega Mall so I could show her the booth. We also found some goodies. I picked up the coolest ceramic owl. He's just so cute, I should get a picture of Hooty for you. He's a little shy...but I think he's warming up to his new home :) Ok off to bed.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

More Spinning

Loopy Party

Mohair with a poly binder and core
My handpainted roving
4.8oz 283 yards

Grape Cream
Copper Pot Batts
75 yards 4.1 oz


My batts
76 yards 4.8 oz


Roving from my spinning sp Knittingkitty
68 yards 3.9 oz


Merino/Corriedale/Mohair with a eyelash core (copied from an idea of Julie's from Flawful Fibers)
4.5 oz 128 Yards

Here is what I've been doing the last few days :) I'm going to now start to restock the etsy shop with Handspun Sock...it will be a week or so before you'll see anything new in there, but it will happen. I'm thinking that I will rotate my stock every 3 months or so from the etsy shop to the booth. We haven't sold anything at the booth yet, but were hoping for a good weekend!

In happy knitting land I swatched for Secret of the Stole 2. I'm using Kaalund Yarns Expressions in Moss. It's a 2ply 100 percent (my percent key doesn't work anymore) Mohair hand dyed in Australia. I had picked up a bunch when KnitHappens had that Internet sale last year. I don't remember what I payed for it.. but I know it was cheap! Anyway I really like how the swatch looks in the yarn, it's blocking so I'll try to get pictures tomorrow.

I've decided that I WILL keep up and finish SotS2. I've join almost every one of these lace Kals in the last year and haven't doen any of them. It's not that I didn't like the patterns, it's just been a time thing, I need more!

I've also been working on some knitted wash cloths for the booth. My friends K & K's older sister is having her first baby, and I'm knitting some little socks for her. I will be also knitting a blanket for K2 to give as a gift. I ordered the yarn from Knitpicks, (swish dk in cornflower)..it got shipped today, so I should have it sometime next week. I'll be starting it then.

Well that's all I got for now...I'm going to go do some research on the candidates....are primary is next week I think...not like some of Democrats give a fuck since they are all pissed off we moved our primary up so we could have some real say in who will be in the White House and took themselves off the ballots...Ass Wipes! Fuck it's not like we shouldn't have a say, Michigan's economy is shit and everyone who isn't stuck here is moving....Well I need to go get me self edge-a-ma-cated.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Sea Slime and Dirty Girl

Sea Slime and Dirty Girl

I've been trying to spin some thing other then sock yarn.... here is what I finished yesterday. Sea Slime is about 90 yards and Dirty Girl is about 98 yards both spun from my this and that batts. I've started pulling the batts from the etsy shop to spin for the booth. I thinking it a good idea to have something other then sock yarn there. I'm really hoping the booth works out. I still don't like the idea of my inventory not sitting in a box right next to me. But if this works out it could really turn in to something. I never thought I'd do something like this, don't get me wrong etsy is great, but the market is flooded and people are under pricing they're yarn. Fuck I saw 400 yards of handspun sock yarn for $20, how and the hell am I going to compete with that? And I was under pricing my yarn! I'm not trying to be big on myself or anything, but I spin some damn good sock yarn, and it's worth more then I was charging on etsy and it wasn't moving... Hell I'm good at what I do, my customer service is far better then most.... maybe I just pissed too many people off... What the fuck ever!

In happy knitting land, I've finished those gloves...no pics, there in the car. I've been knitting wash cloths for the booth, to go with Joe's soaps....I can't seem to start anything right now. I'm just not feeling anything...I thought I'd just jump in to something after I finished all that x-mas knitting...There were so many things I wanted to start...now I don't even remember what they were! I really hope something comes to me! Maybe a pair of socks....or I could finished some of those old WIP.....

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Shop Info :)

Merlin The Cat Yarns is going brick and mortar! Come visit me at the Mega Mall in Lansing MI Booth B-5!!!
This and That Batts will stay in the shop for now and I hope to be updating with more Handpainted sock in the next month or so :)

Brick and Mortar

Brick and Mortar
Brick and Mortar

I hope this works :)

Friday, January 04, 2008

Spin Every Day In Jan

Peas and Carrots
361 Yards
13wpi DK WT
Roving from Flawful Fibers

I'm seeing socks made for meeee very soon!
146 yards
4.3ozBulky wt
Batts from Copper Pot

I see this yarn as part of my Handspun Log Cabin Blanket :)

Lemon Ice
The softest Merino I've ever felt
360 yards
15wpi Sport Wt
Roving from Ruby's Daughter
Listed in the Shop.

Pink Heather
365 Yards
15wpi Sport Wt
Spun from Batts that I forgot to list in the store last year some time.
Listed in the Shop.

Spring Garden
305 Yards
15wpi Sport Wt
Roving was Sweet Magnolia by Yarn Pirate.
Listed in the shop as the very last Handspun Sock Kit.

Spring Garden Handspun Sock Kit

Here's the picture of the kit :)

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Late To The Party New Years Sale

I've marked down the remaining Handpainted Sock in the shop to clear out the old inventory. I will be updating the shop this week with a few skeins of Handspun sock and the very last Handspun sock kit.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Party Like A Rock Star!

Happy New Year!

I'm hot cause I'm fly, you ain't cause you're not.

Sooo I've spent my night with Jimmy and a little MTV..So beware of super lame song quotes and super bad spelling and gramer!

My New Years Resolutions are:

Get Healthy
Knit for myself and my family
Get my knitting girl tattoo
Finish my OLD wip
Knit myself a sweater
Spin a bunch
Get a part time job...(so don't wanta do this one but I gotta)
Stop playing the game and be myself

You know I was sitting down stairs getting ready to come up to bed and thinking that I'd write some fun witty drunken blog post....well I'm not feeling it. But I will tell you this I'm going to stop worry about what people thing about me, I'm going to say whatever the FUCK I want and not worry about who I offend. I always worry about about the things I write here...like oh my god I might offend someone who might shop in my store. Hell I'm quite sure my products are great and a pretty good value for the money and my customer service is better then you get at a lot of places, this in it's self should be plenty. I'm done! I'm sick of my super lame "oh guess what I'm knitting" posts, lets get some content and personality in here! I don't like the game. It's so not fun! Don't get me wrong I'm not going to sit here and talk shit about people, or even deliberately piss people off...ok maybe alittle cause it's funny. (Like the Bad Religion sticker on the back of our Lincoln funny because people don't know that the crossed out cross is the band logo not some Satanist thing.) Do you see where I'm going with this.....I'm not sure I do, but whatever....

I think I'm going to go drink some water and get to bed..


Oh and

Smack That!