Sunday, September 30, 2007

Very sad news....Goodbye sweet friend

I hate to tell everyone this....I very broken up about beloved printer died...She gave so much to make me happy, She worked sooo hard to print knitting patterns and shipping labels... Let me tell you about her, she was a beautiful Lexmark Z705 that came with my computer that I proudly bought about 3 1/2 years ago. She has been having problems for awhile, I had to feed in each sheet of paper to get her to print...but I lived with that...What sent her to a better place was when refilling the ink just didn't work anymore and I realized I could buy a spiffy 3 in 1 for just as much as new ink... So she printed her last shipping label came out greenish blueish.. Tomorrow she will be taken apart and sent to her final resting place, and replaced with what I hope to be my new best friend in printing a Lexmark X2500 with a copy and a scanner. I hope to beable to copy knitting charts so I can mark them up and not worry about trashing the hardcopy, I hope to scan random stuff and email to people, I hope she/he enjoys printing shipping labels as much I enjoy having to and I just hope that we grow close in my time of need....

Here is a picture taken just a little wile ago...Good Bye Sweet Friend

Goodbye my friend

Friday, September 28, 2007

Yarn Porn Friday :)

It's been awile, but here is some yarn porn goodness for you :) This is about 850 yards of handspun Shetland, single ply, lace wt. There is 4.1 oz. I carded this fiber a wile ago, like right after I got my last springish..The wool came from last years Shetland fleece from Helen. I had dyed it before carding and still have a bunch of this color left! I'm thinking this yarn would make a pretty spiffy lace scarf :)

Handspun Shetland Lace

Handspun Shetland Lace
Handspun Shetland Lace

As for knitting I working on another test knit for Momma-Monkey...when I'm finished with that I have a b-day gift for Kath that I must start. She wants a pair of wristwarmers...I'm thinking Fetching from Knitty...Just need to go stash shopping to see what I've got. I'm thinking Cascade I can make a matching scarf also... After these are done I'm hoping to start something lacey for myself and do some mad x-mas knitting.

On the bobbin right now is a Merino/Tencel blend being spun up in to sock yarn for the shop. I'm planning on dying it in Gooey and Woogie so keep your eyes peeled for that in the next few weeks. I have some spinning I must get done for my sister and MM and then I'm not sure what will be next...

I'm working on beefing up my sock base yarn up so when I do start dying again I can add a bunch of yarn to the shop...I thinking end of Octish there will be a HUGE update!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Halloween Army


These were sooo much fun to make! Pattern is from

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Merino handspun singles

Merino handspun singles
Originally uploaded by merlinthecat.

From Roving from Spincerely on etsy
about dk wt with some thicker chunks in there...
285 yards

This and That Handspun

This and That Handspun
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here is 106 yards of This and That fun! When I carded all those batts last week I fell in love with this one...well I loved them all...but I gotta make $$ somehow...anyway I kept this one and spun it up in to a bulky single...To set the twist I felted it up a bit and love how it came out! The contents of the batt was a bunch of wool, silk noil, SW merino,soy silk, mohair, silver glitz and I'm sure theres some other stuff in there...

Uploaded by merlinthecat on 20 Sep 07

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Shop Update

My creation Here are the batts I listed in the store today :)
sept 16 update 003 Here is the other This and That Scarf...I also listed this in the store today :)
Gooey's socks Here are the finished Gooey socks...I finished them up last week...but they got here they are all washed.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Batts off to Flawful Fibers

Flawful shipment 1 002
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These batts are off to to Flawful Fibers tomorrow :) There is a link on the side bar go check Julie's shop out! You'll find some super sweet fibery goodness!!

Don't worry there are at least 12 set of batt that will be listed in my etsy shop on Sunday! Just in case you can't wait....The ones listed on Sunday will be very different then these :)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Cool Stuff!!!

My Sp packaged Here is my 2nd package from my SUPER COOL Spinning SP knittingkitty!!!! I love everything!! There is merino/seacell, Superwash merino/alpaca, camel down, and mmmm mohair!!! I can't wait to start play with this stuff!!! Thank you knittingkitty your the bestest!

Mail Day :) Fun package in the mail...I had a good mail day!

Gooey, BoBo and the Scarf Here is some knitting. I made this scarf from yarn I spun from some of my first This and That Batts! I made 2 scarfs, this on is Gooey's and the other will be listed in the shop when i do my update on Sunday (by the way there will be more T & T batts listed)

This and That Yarn Scarf

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sock Kit Yarn

Sock Kit Yarn
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On its way to HI tomorrow :)

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Shop Update This and That Spinning Wool Batts

Shop Update This and That Batts
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My shop update is done for the day. There are 4 Glow in the Darks 1 with Seacell. 3 SeaCell Blend batches and 3 regular This and That Batts.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Secret Stash Questions!


1) When is you birthday? May 9th
2) How long have you been spinning? A little over a year.
3) How long have you been blending your fibers? A little over a year.
4) What types of blends do you like to make and spin? Hmmm I love blending bamboo, soysilk, milk fiber, etc with merino...but I also like the funky blends with chucks and stuff... I love mohair and wool...alpaca with anything...Silk mmm silk :)
5) What types of fibers do you NOT like? Are you allergic to any kinds of fiber? mmm I really have no desire to try cotton. I'm not allergic to anything.
6) What are your favorite colors? mmm Green. Funky color combos, like olive and teal. Anything and brown....I like most anything depending on my mood.
7) What are you least favorite colors? Navy blue...HATE IT!
8) What type of yarns do you like to spin? (singles, plied, novelty, fingering, bulky, ect.) Plied sock wt mostly, but I do like spinning novelty with beads and funky things.
9) What type of blending equipment do you use? I have a drum cards and a hackle, but I haven't used the hackle much.
10) What type of wheel or spindle do you spin on? I have a Kromski Symphony and a starter spindle that I don't really use much...
11) What do you do with your handspun yarn? I sell alot of my sock yarn, or i use it.
12) What are your interests outside of spinning? Knitting, reading, beading, soap making.
13) What types of music do you like? Bands like Green Day, Face to Face, All, Bad Religion, Misfits, DK, Decendents...etc., but I also enjoy some newer band and a little 50cent or Akon every once in a wile...all depends on my mood.
14) What types of movies do you like? Scifi, fantasy, period films, comedy, drams.
15) Do you collect anything? Post cards, sock yarn, vintage knitting needles, fiber, Indonesian rod and shadow puppets.
16) What types of candy and snacks do you like and dislike? I hate anything with penutbutter in it. I love carmal and toffee and chewy things like salt water taffy...and well chocolate. I love salty and sweet like chocolate covered pretzels.
17) Do you have any food allergies to common "goodies"? (ie: chocolate, nuts, etc.) None

Monday, September 03, 2007

Some Real Content :)

Socks for gooey
When I spun up that custom yarn I save a bit of the batts to spin up a little yarn for is what it looks like knitted up. This is a toddler size sock....if you click on the picture and look at the big size you can see the color changes better. I really like how this yarn turned out. And well it's nice to knit with my own yarn :)
Close up of socks for gooey Here is some stitch detail for you.

Boo Well I have this thing for little crochet animals and stuff. These were from a pattern I found on etsy...there is also a witch and a spider I haven't done yet!

Sock for DHDh has been bugging me for some more here's some.....

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Close up of Custom Handspun Sock

Close up of Custom Handspun Sock
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This was spun for a custom kit

about 7 oz and over 500 yards...I don't remember how much

It is mostly superwash merino with a bit of not superwash and gold glitz.

Another sale Sock Kits

Handspun and Hand Dyed sock kits over at Monkey Toes are $5 off this weekend.

I promise real knitting a spinning content by the end of the holiday weekend....and I'll stop pimping myself for awile... I'm going to take a little break from dying for a wile. Not long...I just need to work on other things. I will still be dying for Momma Monkey so there will be plenty of kits :) Check out her blog for a preview of the new ones coming up! I will also be carding up more This and That Spinning Wool Batts with and without the Glow in The Dark this weekend, I will list those most likely Wed after the sale ends. I'll post pictures here so you'll know when they're up!

I want to thank everyone who has stopped by the store!