Monday, July 30, 2007

Shop Update and My new toy :)

This and That Spinning Wool Batts
I updated my shop with a few This and That Batts....More to come.

My new  rod puppet

And here is my new Indonesian Rod Puppet :)

Gooey's B-day

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Trinity's birthday was little Gooey is 4 already!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Lots of Pictures!

Handspun Sock Llama Blend
First up we have some sock yarn that I got off the bobbin and washed today...both are listed in the shop. Top is a Llama blend, bottom is Merino.
Handspun Sock Merino

Here is Norberta from Knitty...this is for Gooey's B-day this weekend.
Stuff for this and that batts
Here we have a bunch of fiber :) This will all be turned into This and That Batts very soon!
Stuff for this and that batts

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Harry Potter don't worry no spoilers :)

My book came today from Amazon and I'm about 1/2 done. LOVE IT! I'd be reading it now if I wasn't so damn tired! I'm hoping to finish it tomorrow... You know what makes me sad, that this is the last book...The end...

Friday, July 20, 2007

Sorry no Yarn Porn this week I promise!

I've been a bad about the Yarn Porn the last 2 weeks, but I promise you some hot and heavy pics next Friday!!!

I do have other cool stuff to show you. First we have this super cute dress Momma-Monkey made Gooey, she LOVES BTW!
Toddler made by me Dress By Mommy-Monkey

Next we have the Monkey Shave Bag and Knitters Wallet she sent me...I LOVE IT...I have to tell you that her stuff is just awsome! I wish I could sew like that! BTW she'll be updating her store next week! Oh and if I didn't work with her I'd still be pimping her stuff!
Monkey Shave Bag and Knitters wallet
There is 2 balls of sock yarn and 2 finished sock in there and... room for more!

Now I want to talk about Etsy and HOW MUCH I LOVE IT! I am going to try my hardest to buy all my gifts for everyone from Etsy sellers! 99% of my sisters b-day gifts came from etsy and about 75% of Gooey's b-day stuff is coming from there also! I can't wait to show you what I'm getting her! I love pimping other peoples stuff!

SOCK YARN SALE ALERT!! Laughing Rat is having a sale on all her sock yarn! I LOVE HER YARN!! And I'm telling you this because I can't buy any because, well, Gooey's B-day is next Sat, and she's not ready for sock yarn yet hehehe. So go buy all her stock so I can't!!!! I've been eyeing the orange and brownish one forever!!!

mmmm knitting, I've been working on a sweet test knit for Socktopia...this one is HOT BABY HOT! I'm in a strange mood today.... I haven't touched MS3 this week because I really want to get this sock done, I only need to do one sock, and then make a pair.. So 3 sock total...well you can add can't you? I didn't have to type that... hehehehe

I've been spinning like mad as always...I'm working on some merino tencel blend that I will handpaint when I'm done...there will be 3 batches total of this blend for the sock kits.... I have to say that I LOVE the merino/tencel it is sooo easy to spin...I really think it more user friendly then just merino.... Well I better get back to my wheel I need to finish the last oz of batch 1 and work on that sock...I won't be getting anything done after Harry Potter gets here!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Monkey Bag - Hand Spun Sock Kit - Bessie

Monkey Bag - Hand Spun Sock Kit - Bessie
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Momma-Monkey listed a few more bags today including this one with my handspun sock yarn.....They yarn is a merino/milk/glitz blend. I'm having such a hard time not buying myself....I have to remember that I can always spin more and save it for you guys!

I Finished Something :)

Here is a little sweater I made Gooey for the Fall.
Yarn Online Cicada 5 balls I think
Needles size 7 KP Cirs
Pattern Top Down, made it up as I went.
I plan on making a few I just have to figure out how to do some waist shaping....

Gooey's new Sweater

We went to the Detroit Zoo over the is a couple pics, click on one and it will take you to flickr to see the rest..


In other news Momma-Monkey and I have started working on the next round of Sock Kits now that we are all sold out....I'm going to go with something I haven't done in awile for sock yarn! There will be 3 new handspun kits and 3 more handpainted kits with 2 of each. There is a set of kits floating around from last time that should be posted soon..I know the bags have not been nice to MM :) I should have some new handpainted sock yarn in my shop in early AUG...I think I'm going to dye up some lace also...maybe. Oh and I have 2 new handspun socks to list soon :)

Momma-Monkey is doing a small shop update this week with some new bags and some more spinning go check them out! Her bags are GREAT! I really need to learn how to link things...but go to the side bar and click on her will take you to her shop!

As for knitting...I have been working mostly on Gooey's sweater...Now that it's done I have to finish up a really beautiful test knit for Socktopia! Oh and work on MS3...

Saturday, July 14, 2007


So DD wanted me to put the Barbie house together yesterday. This is the same dream house I had as a kid! The dolls and outfits were mine and my friends. Well not the SAME one but one just like it. We were playing with it this morning and I tooks some pics. So here they are...Gooey picked out all the outfits, she old school! All the shoes, bags and belts match :)

barbie 003

barbie 001

barbie 002
barbie 004
barbie 005barbie 009barbie 006barbie 008

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Last Day Of Sale

Today will be the last day of my Etsy Anniversary Sale! I will change the prices back sometime around 12am EST.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Mystery Stole 3

Bad Picture of MS3 Here is where I am on MS3 I finished clue 2 on Monday. I really didn't feel like pulling off and blocking it out so you get this bad pic :)

MS3 Close upI'm useing Knit Pick Alpaca Cloud from my stash and size 2 needles.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Handspun sock

Handspun sock
Originally uploaded by merlinthecat.

Here is the new batch of handspun sock and matching st markers going out to Mamma-Monkey today for the sock kits. Green is merino/milk fiber, orange is merino/bamboo/ and the blue is also merino/bamboo.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Today was a big mail day :)

Spinning sp boxThe white is 4 oz of Targhee. I had dyed up some Targhee for my SP and wished I had order some for I have some! 4 oz of handpainted by my sp Wensleydale. I love the colors! Some yummy baths goodies a pretty card and CANDY...those will so be gone! Thank SP I love everything! I'm still not 100% on who you are....
Sweet Etsy find!Here is a Fracken sweet etsy find! You can find these and other super funny cards at! I also got a funny b-day card for my sister...but I can't show you that cause she reads my blog...Hi Woogie!
SW Mill ends from Black Lamb Here is 3 lbs of super nice Superwash Merino mill ends from Black Lamb, or shpherder on ebay. If you haven't tried her fiber yet, you must! Great deals!

Twisted Shiny sock yarn in Filanon I did a little test knitting form Meg from Twisted and this is what I got :) Shiny in Filanon! This yarn is soooo nice, along with all her others! It is 50% Superwash Merino and 50% Tencel! This is my first Tencel blend sock yarn!!! I can't wait to knit with it! If you haven't triedd Meg's yarn yet you must! ( Meg is a super nice person and she handpaints some SWEET yarn!

I also got a movie from and some bills and junk mail...but that was no fun!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Handspun Wool Mohair Grape Nut

Handspun Wool Mohair Grape Nut
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sport-dkish wt
Laps from Tisjewelart

Handspun Romeny

Handspun Romeny
Originally uploaded by merlinthecat.

218 yards 3.8oz
Roving for SakinaNeedles
Dkish wt

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Bellatrix July Socktopia

Bellatrix July Socktopia
Originally uploaded by merlinthecat.

yarn Knit Pick Gloss

Needles ahhh size 2 I think

This was on of my test knits :)