Monday, December 10, 2007

My Weekend

Two Tone Knit Shrug I finished the Two Tone Knit Shrug from Fitted Knits....I looks kinda weird not on...but I really like how it turned out and I hope Kath will too. I used less then 2 balls of each color of Cascade 220. I'm almost done with my x-mas knitting. 2 pairs of sock to finish...then maybe another pair for DH...I was able to pump out a few pairs last Christmas maybe and can get a few more done.... I'm almost done with my shopping, it all depends on if DH gets paid before the holiday.. He hasn't been paid yet from the new job. That sooo SUCKS, we've been living off the little bit of tip money he had left from when he was delivering pizzas and whatever I've been making at the were OK, but could always be better! Thankfully I've been steady and had some gift cards that I've used to buy gifts for DD. Oh and pretty much everyone is getting something knitted. We still don't know if were going to host X-mas eve, most likely not, we need to pay the car payment before we feed DH's asshole family.

Lighted tree We did get the tree up :) It's kinda falling apart...The cats trashed it last year....It will go in the trash after we take it down and buy a new one next year. It's about time. It was super cheap when we got it 5 years ago.

TreeI really must burn the drapes...YUCK!!!!

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