Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas is over

Chirstmas eve went well, there was way to much food. Here is Gooey opening gifts on x-mas day.


Colleen's socks
Here are the socks I made my sister for chirstmas.
Yarn used Brown Sheep Wildfoote Luxury Sock less then 3 balls
Pattern Spiral Boot Socks by Veronik Avery

I have been make up lost time with my wheel. I've finished 2 batches of sock yarn so far, on was roving from Flawful fibers, the other was a merino/alpaca blend (a lot of batts that didn't sell it the shop). Both were spun in to sock wt and the merino/alpaca blend will be listed in the shop soon, as for the other I'm not sure yet...I think it may need to stay in my stash. On the bobbin now is some BFL that is slated to go in to a sock kit for the shop. Pictures soon :)

I haven't touched any knitting in a few days...but I really need to get working on those gloves for DH!


Batty said...

Those green socks... where does the pattern come from? Oh, it's gorgeous, and that green is so bright! I think I'm in love.

merlinthecat said...

I think the pattern was from the summer IK....Or maybe spring...

JM said...

If you're going to become a blogger apart from the main herd, you'll have to stop posting pics of cute kids, cute pets and sweet knitting. Yours are so much better looking than the IK ones. The color really makes the pattern stand out.