Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Knitting is Finished :)


I can't show you a picture now, but I'll post it soon....

But I can show you this.

This is the start of a pair of gloves for DH. I'm useing The Knitter's Handy Book of Pattern and Zenith Oh wow this yarn is NICE, a bit splity, but man oh so soft! I hope I have a chance to pick up some more and stash it away! I would so love to make a sweater with it!

Noro Sock

Here is the Noro Sock yarn I ordered...I have mixed feelings about it. The colors are just wonderful... and I've love the little Noro I've worked with...I just don't see this yarn making very good socks...I really don't think they'd hold up well. Oh but it would make a beautiful shawl or wrap! I think I'll try sock with this ball..soon I hope. Oh if your wondering it feels the same as any other Noro I've felt and I can see bits of VM in it.

I also have some yarn that I spun up a few weeks's still wet so it will have to wait. I spun it up bulky...I'm thinking a log cabin blanket using all of my bits of bulky handspun. I really like the idea, but with all the pets a non washable blanket will be a huge PITA!

As for X-mas eve...I'm not hosting, (thankfully). As far as I know it will just be my sister coming over....

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