Wednesday, December 05, 2007

And We Have Pictures!

Two Tone Shrug From Fitted Knits
First up is the Two Tone Shug from Fitted Knits. Oh I love this pattern and hell the whole book is just great...I think I love every pattern in it! Anyway this is for my friend Kath. I'm using Cascade 220. This is a size 14in, she's just a little thing...I used less then a skein for the brown. I have a bit more done then what's in the picture and hope to have it finished by tomorrow night.
Juno Regina
I've restarted Juno Regina from last months Knitty. Not much done, and not like I really need to cast on for something else....I just wanted to start something for myself... Wow there is only like 19 days left till x-mas....I really need to get busy!

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