Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A pair of gloves

Gloves for Gooey
I finished these gloves on Sunday. I used less then one ball of Noro Kureyon in color #102. Pattern from The knitters handy book of patterns using size 4 needles. This is my first time using Noro and I'm in LOVE. Oh people at Noro! I love your yarn so! I really can't wait to see they're new sock yarn. I am a little scared, it being a single and all...but you never know. I was planning on preordering some, but with DH losing his job and all, I really don't think that is the brightest of all ideas. I do have some good news on that...He did find a new job at a different car dealership, hopefully it will work out. Things will still be pretty tight, seeing that he hasn't worked, (well he's been slinging pizzas) for about 2 weeks. We're ok...for now. So if you in MI and need a Dodge, Jeep, or Chrysler let me know and I'll hook you up!
I've been working on X-mas gifts and getting ready for the Sale and Thanksgiving. My sister is coming over tomorrow night and I still have to pick up the house and go shopping for dinner.. We are having Roast. It's easy, I have one in the freezer and I dislike turkey. I still have to pick up a pie and stuff. Oh I'm going to try and make my own butter, It won't be as cool as getting raw milk, I'll just be buying heavy cream....but I still want to try it. That and the idea of making butter just sounds cool!
As for the Sale. I've pulled some of my personal stash of handspun and washed and tagged, I may or may not be listing it...Most likely I will... I've also made a few batchs of stitch markers, not many...I didn't have many parts left. I will be listing them as long as I remember to pick up padded envelopes.
I will be opening up shipping to Canada and the UK during the sale and everything will be shipped on Monday. I figured it would just be easier to ship everything all at once. I don't really like shipping out of the US because I'm so scared things will get lost in the mail and almost all of my items are OOAK, but many have asked so, for the sale I will do it :)
I like using different colors hehehe...

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Cycling Knitter said...

loving the colours on the mitts, I have just done a noro bag and love the wool, knits up real good doesnt it,
cant wait for friday sale,
have a great thanksgiving