Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Oh look a couple FO

Last X-mas Bear :)

So I finished a few things this weekend :) Up top there is my last bear! And that cute little sheepy Is for DD for x-mas. I still have many more gifts to knit or crochet...I should be able to get them all done in time!

It's a sheep!

I wanted to thank everyone who stopped by the shop this weekend! Just an FYI I left shipping opened to the UK and Canada, and if you are anywhere else let me know and I'll set up shipping for you :)

I've also just received the last of the sock kits Momma-Monkey and I did. I will listing them in the shop this week! Come by and check them out, this maybe the last chance to pick up my handpainted yarn paired with Momma-Monkey's wonderful bags!!

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Falkor15 said...

The sheep is really cute!