Monday, October 22, 2007



I got everything I wanted to done this weekend!


The sock yarn for the update on Tue (around 1pm EST if anyone is wondering) is all dyed and half of it is re skeined and pictures taken. The rest will be finished tomorrow and I'll give you a little preview then! There is one skein I really really want to keep.... but I won't because I really need to work on getting my teeth fixed and well with x-mas coming up and all...not a big deal because I can just make more!

I finished some knitting, Kath's gift is finished!

I've got everything for my downstream SP ready. I just need to pack it up and get it ready to ship. I think she'll like this batch. My upstream is still MIA, I hope she's ok. I haven't heard from her in over a month and have not gotten a package. But I'm really having a great time putting stuff together for my downstream! Now I must plan for the last package...hmmm I want to get it ready early...I'll be in the middle of x-mas knitting at the end of Nov. and I want to make sure the last package is extra cool!

Tonight I also worked on my sister x-mas knitting...I think it will go much quicker then I thought! I really can't talk about it cause she reads my blog and all. But she'll like it!

Well my tooth or lack there of feels fine...I can't wait to get a tooth back in there! It's not like anyone will ever tell by looking, but it just feels weird. I'm hoping my update goes well this week so I can go back in a few weeks to get a cleaning and a filling oh and all the x-rays so we figure out what needs to get done. If you haven't been to the dentist in awhile really go! I can't believe what I did to myself by not going for years and years and years....

Ok must get to bed! lots of stuff to do tomorrow!

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