Sunday, October 14, 2007


The socks are done the socks are done the socks are done the socks are done


So I got the test socks done today, they are blocking as we speak...or, well as I type and you get it :) I really liked the pattern even after knitting 3 of them....(i only had to do one in the other color) Will I knit it again, sure...but not for a wile! The first one was in Gems and I think I should have used a bigger needles because I didn't really like how the yarn was reacting to the stitches... This pair was in the Fleece Artist stuff with the seacell in it (I can't remember the name right now...) This yarn and I had a love hate thing going on, I would love the feel and look of it and them BAM there is a big chunk of seacell that wasn't blended in right...and this happened a lot. Hell for the price of that stuff you'd think the fibers would be blended well...I will say this, I really like how Fleece Artist dyes their yarn! No pooling at all! And the colors are great!

Ok I'll stop talking about a pair of socks I can't even show you yet....I'm not sure when Momma Monkey is planning to release this one....I hope soon because I think it will be a hit! Ok no more...

I also almost got my little knitted SP gift finished...6 more rows...

On tap tomorrow------Yarn Skeining----Little Knitted Thing Finished-----Orange Merino Spinning-------and maybe-----Some Gooey Sock Knitting-----OHOHOH---and---Handspun Yarn Picture Taking


Momma Monkey said...

I'm so excited !! I love that pattern, I can't wait to get it out !!

I can't remember what that yarn is called either, Bordello sock maybe?

merlinthecat said...

Yeah I think that was it!