Saturday, October 27, 2007

Weekend Work...well not really "work"

Here is what I'd like to get finished this weekend...

Merino Sock

This is the sock yarn I'm spinning for Momma-Monkey . The dark orange is merino and the light orange is merino/firestar that I blended. I've got almost one full bobbin'll get to see the finished yarn after I skein it and it looks pretty :) I really like how it's turning out...I'm not a huge fan of orange but I really like this batch. I hope to have it all plyed by Monday night and in the mail by the next Monday....I like to let my yarn rest on the bobbin for bit.

After I'm finished with this it's all about the x-mas knitting and crocheting! I'm hopeing to get a few things done this weekend...well I better get working on them if I want to get them done!

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Batty said...

It's beautiful, so bright!