Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Oh oh Oh I finished something

Here we have a pair of socks for Gooey. I use left over STR (the darkest), Gems (green) and Koigu (the pink and the purple). The STR was left over from a pair of socks I made last year for my Aunt. The Gems and purple Koigu wer left overs from test knits I did for momma-monkey...and the Pink Koigu came in a box of gifted yarn from MM.

Gooey's new socks

Here is a finished bobbin of merino...
Finished bobbin of Merino

I should have turned the picture before I put it on flickr...but you get the idea.

Fun with Walnuts part 2 will be tomorrow, the yarn is still damp and I'd like to reskein it and make it all pretty.

I'm not as sore got bad last night and I was poppin happy pills like candy..well not really. But I was pretty high and couldn't feel a thing. Today not so many :)

hmmm tomorrow I must finish carding the other batch of merino and my SP batts. I'm still waiting on something to add to the package...I'm thinking I'll get it out early next week. I think I'm pushing back the sock yarn till this weekend...Friday maybe...I just don't feel 100% and don't think i'd really be into it. Ok must go work on the rest of Kaths B-day gift.

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Momma Monkey said...

Love the sockies !! I totally recognize some of that yarn.

I'm drooling over the orange. It's not hard, I'm missing so many teeth anyway ;P