Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My face is numb...

So I went and got a tooth pulled today. It wasn't the one I'd thought they'd do...but whatever. I have to go back when I can come up with $300 to get a cleaning and a filling....then more work after that...It will take about a year to get everything that I need to done...every month I'll go back....Wow no yarn for a year, that blows! At least I have a big stash and I spin so I'll be ok.... oh they had to shoot me up about 6 times with Novocaine...and I had a couple bad reactions to it. My lips felt like they were burning. So I might have a big ass bruise on my face...Great...I don't leave the house much so I don't really care.

Depending on how I feel after the Novocaine wheres off I might be able to get some spinning done...no yarn dying today, I'm just not felling it. tomorrow maybe. Anyway I think I'm going to take a happy pill and watch some tv with gooey.

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Momma Monkey said...

Did they pull the wrong tooth, or did your pain radiate from someplace you didn't realize?

I had a giant bruise on my face for a week.

I skipped the pain meds. I didn't see the point. I mean, the tooth was already gone ;)