Thursday, October 25, 2007

Lookie what my sister made!

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My sister made this scarf out of some of my yarn that I spun from my This and That Batts....Pretty cool huh!

Oh my I got a ton of stuff done today, (well's 1:30am) and I'm not sure how! I've spun some of the light orange merino, I finished the Barbie repaint and pulled out the rest of her hair, I finished a super cute Amigurumi Bear and started and got half way done with a lace washcloth...then frogged it cause I fucked up...oh well...I'll start it again tomorrow!

Here the picture of the Bear :) It's super cute!!!

Amigurumi Bear

This is an x-mas gift for one of the many toddler/preschoolers I know...Not sure who yet...but I had to finish and take the picture on the down low so Gooey didn't see it.

Yarn ahhh some stuff from a frogged sweater that wasn't wool and is fuzzy.

Hook size...I don't know, the purple one.

Pattern from a Japanese Craft Book called Amigurumi Book (Yeah I can link now)

Amigurumi Bear

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