Thursday, October 18, 2007

Fun with Walnuts Part 2

It took me long enough! I'm so behind on everything right now it's not even funny.

walnut yarn Sock Wt

Here is the Bare sock yarn. OMG I love this stuff! Well not for socks. But I think this yarn would make a beautiful lacy scarf. I won't be sad if it doesn't sell!

walnut yarn Lot 2

Here is lot 2. These 2 turned out a little darker then the other 4. This is worsted wt along with lot 1.

walnut yarn Lot 1

And lot 1. I really like how all the yarn turned out. I'm thinking of spinning up some lace wt Shetland and dying it with walnuts.

This is pretty much all I got done today, these skeined and listed in the shop. My friend Meg came over with her son. I haven't seen her in forever. We worked together when I managed Rave. It was cool seeing her again and Gooey really liked playing!

I did get on the treadmill after she left...I'm starting to gain the weight back that I worked so hard to loss a year ago...From now on no matter what need to get done I'm going to find the time to get on the treadmill.

Ok I've got to get carding the rest of the merino....


Batty said...

That color is just lovely!

TRACEY. said...

Your spun wool looks lovely.
I have just bought a wheel and hope to have lessons as I have no idea what to do with her or even which type she is.
knitty, witty, woo