Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Fun With Walnuts Part 1

Walnuts So it all started when I read a post on the knitty boards about dying with Walnuts and I thought "Wow that pretty fucking neat. I wish I had a Black Walnut tree." Well lookie what the squirrels gave me. The little monsters gave me a gift. (The Squirrels in my yarn are MEAN little things.) So over the last week or so I've been gathering there fall bounty. Hey it's not my fault they dropped them!

Walnuts in the pot Anyway...I started out ripping the hulls off, but man did that get old quick! So I just tossed them in the pot as it and broke them up as they got softer. The green ones did get all dark after they cooked for awhile. I let the pot simmer for awhile...a few hours maybe...then drained the goo out, tossed in the yarn, then let it sit over night. Then the next day I reheated the dye and yarn, then let it sit till it cooled down. Finally I soaked them...and that's where the sit till tomorrow :) Pictures of the yarn when it's all dry and pretty! I really liked the way it came out!

Well I was planning on dying the sock yarn tomorrow...but I have to go to the dentist...My tooth is killing me and I just know it's infected...I can't put it off anymore unless I'd like to die a painful death, and well I have to much knitting to do so that can't happen! $102 just to see me...yeah I get an x-ray...but that is it! Who know how much it's going to be...I have ALOT of work that needs to get done...I have no clue how I'm going to come up with the $$$. I maybe able to get on a payment plan...but I think that won't happen. I'll have to save up for each tooth and get them done one at a time...that's going to fucking suck.... I just hope tomorrow I get sent home with some antibiotics and happy pills....I wanta eat again and not worry about it hurting.

Happy Stuff

In knitting land...I'm about done with one of the Fetchings, just the thumb to go and I'll have 1 done. I really like the pattern it's super easy and they looks o elegant and refined. No pics till Nov...they are a b-day gift. I'm really temped to cast on for Muir....I really need to work on my x-mas knitting....AHHHHHH I wanta knit for myself!!!! Ok done..soon soon soon...

In spinning land...just plugging my way on the orange merino. I'm almost done with the dark orange...then I need to blend up the light orange and firestar and start on that...

I maybe MIA tomorrow...tooth and all, I know that he's not doing anything with it yet...but I'm sure he'll poke me and it will hurt. (I'm a baby when it comes to tooth pain.) But if I'm around there will be Fun With Walnuts Part 2 and maybe a little sneak peek at the new yarn colors. I'm going in to dying with no real plan...I want to just let the colors come to me...don't worry I'm still doing at least one Gooey and Woogie.

Ok off to bed...early appt. Night

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