Sunday, October 14, 2007

And We Have Pictures

We will start out with the yarn today.

Handspun sock
Up first is the sock yarn of the batch.
Roving Romney from Flawful Fibers
WT 4 oz
Yards 234
Will become socks for ME :)
Handspun sock
mystery wool
Next we have some Worsted-Bulky Wt
Roving Gift from Momma Monkey
Wt I don't know
Yards 125
To become part of my stash
mystery wool
woggie's yarn

And lastly we have the yarn I spun for my sister.
This and That Spinning Wool Batts...Most of these come from parts of the batches I've carded the last few weeks...the leftovers.
Wt 8.1oz
235 yards
To become a scarf knit by my sister.

I worked pretty much everything I wanted to today. The sock yarn is skeined up and ready to be dyed, I'll start that on Tueday. I finished my Sp knitted thing, work on a little sock, spun a little merino...not as much as i wanted...but we will be spending alot of time together tomorrow! Well my wrist is killing me and it's a busy week so my ass is going to bed early tonight..Night.

Tomorrow.....Fun With Walnuts......

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