Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat!!

My little Woodland FarieHere is Gooey in her Woodland Fairie getup. The wings were handmade...not by me. Dh got them at the Jazz Fest this summer. I did make that spiffy sweater and the sweet TuTu :)

Look at all my candy!!! Here is her candy...not bad for a 4yo huh?

Tomorrow it's back to work :) I've been spinning some yarn for the shop and working on x-mas gifts....I really hope I can get them all done in time...I have finished a couple things and dyed some roving :) I'm getting much better at it...sooooo you may see it in the shop soon! Ok off to bed...lots of crap to do tomorrow!

Tarence The Pumpkin Is Home For A Vist

Tarence is home for his yearly visit. He spends the holidays in Hawaii with his family, then travels to Alaska for the summer. He flew in on Sunday for his yearly makeover and visit and will leave tomorrow night back to Hawaii.

Here is his new look.
DH gave him his makeover this year with Gooey giving the orders :) This year we collected his seed and hope to have him visit earlier next year.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Weekend Work...well not really "work"

Here is what I'd like to get finished this weekend...

Merino Sock

This is the sock yarn I'm spinning for Momma-Monkey . The dark orange is merino and the light orange is merino/firestar that I blended. I've got almost one full bobbin'll get to see the finished yarn after I skein it and it looks pretty :) I really like how it's turning out...I'm not a huge fan of orange but I really like this batch. I hope to have it all plyed by Monday night and in the mail by the next Monday....I like to let my yarn rest on the bobbin for bit.

After I'm finished with this it's all about the x-mas knitting and crocheting! I'm hopeing to get a few things done this weekend...well I better get working on them if I want to get them done!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Lookie what my sister made!

knitting 007
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My sister made this scarf out of some of my yarn that I spun from my This and That Batts....Pretty cool huh!

Oh my I got a ton of stuff done today, (well's 1:30am) and I'm not sure how! I've spun some of the light orange merino, I finished the Barbie repaint and pulled out the rest of her hair, I finished a super cute Amigurumi Bear and started and got half way done with a lace washcloth...then frogged it cause I fucked up...oh well...I'll start it again tomorrow!

Here the picture of the Bear :) It's super cute!!!

Amigurumi Bear

This is an x-mas gift for one of the many toddler/preschoolers I know...Not sure who yet...but I had to finish and take the picture on the down low so Gooey didn't see it.

Yarn ahhh some stuff from a frogged sweater that wasn't wool and is fuzzy.

Hook size...I don't know, the purple one.

Pattern from a Japanese Craft Book called Amigurumi Book (Yeah I can link now)

Amigurumi Bear

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My first Barbie repaint

My first Barbie repaint
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Not a full repaint, cause well I can't paint very well. I did change everything, just repainted over what was there....her eyes were blue and lips and eye shadow was purple. I still have to finish taking her hair out...Her hair will be red...or red and black...what ever will go best with the dress I planning on using....

This is a x-mas gift for a friend who LOVES Barbies :)

Monday, October 22, 2007

Preview of Tomorrow's Shop Update!

Update Preview

Here Is the yarn for the update tomorrow (1pm est) The top 2 are handspun and will include a matching st marker set. :)

Bobo and Trinity's yarn

Here is the yarn Gooey dyed...and Bobo the sheep. She's pretty good! This yarn will become a couple pairs of socks for her sometime soon.

Ok I've got tons more stuff to do today......

Don't forget the update is tomorrow starting at 1pm EST :)



I got everything I wanted to done this weekend!


The sock yarn for the update on Tue (around 1pm EST if anyone is wondering) is all dyed and half of it is re skeined and pictures taken. The rest will be finished tomorrow and I'll give you a little preview then! There is one skein I really really want to keep.... but I won't because I really need to work on getting my teeth fixed and well with x-mas coming up and all...not a big deal because I can just make more!

I finished some knitting, Kath's gift is finished!

I've got everything for my downstream SP ready. I just need to pack it up and get it ready to ship. I think she'll like this batch. My upstream is still MIA, I hope she's ok. I haven't heard from her in over a month and have not gotten a package. But I'm really having a great time putting stuff together for my downstream! Now I must plan for the last package...hmmm I want to get it ready early...I'll be in the middle of x-mas knitting at the end of Nov. and I want to make sure the last package is extra cool!

Tonight I also worked on my sister x-mas knitting...I think it will go much quicker then I thought! I really can't talk about it cause she reads my blog and all. But she'll like it!

Well my tooth or lack there of feels fine...I can't wait to get a tooth back in there! It's not like anyone will ever tell by looking, but it just feels weird. I'm hoping my update goes well this week so I can go back in a few weeks to get a cleaning and a filling oh and all the x-rays so we figure out what needs to get done. If you haven't been to the dentist in awhile really go! I can't believe what I did to myself by not going for years and years and years....

Ok must get to bed! lots of stuff to do tomorrow!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

What I did today

What I did today
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Here is 26 skeins of yarn I dyed today. 23 or 24 will go up in the store. I dyed an extra "Gooey" for myself and Trinity dyed one. Hers is the green, purple, blue and gray one. I went in to dying with pretty much nothing planned. I knew I wanted the Merino/Tencel handspun sock in Gooey and Woogie. but that's it. I'm thinking Tueday for the shop update...

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Fun with Walnuts Part 2

It took me long enough! I'm so behind on everything right now it's not even funny.

walnut yarn Sock Wt

Here is the Bare sock yarn. OMG I love this stuff! Well not for socks. But I think this yarn would make a beautiful lacy scarf. I won't be sad if it doesn't sell!

walnut yarn Lot 2

Here is lot 2. These 2 turned out a little darker then the other 4. This is worsted wt along with lot 1.

walnut yarn Lot 1

And lot 1. I really like how all the yarn turned out. I'm thinking of spinning up some lace wt Shetland and dying it with walnuts.

This is pretty much all I got done today, these skeined and listed in the shop. My friend Meg came over with her son. I haven't seen her in forever. We worked together when I managed Rave. It was cool seeing her again and Gooey really liked playing!

I did get on the treadmill after she left...I'm starting to gain the weight back that I worked so hard to loss a year ago...From now on no matter what need to get done I'm going to find the time to get on the treadmill.

Ok I've got to get carding the rest of the merino....

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Oh oh Oh I finished something

Here we have a pair of socks for Gooey. I use left over STR (the darkest), Gems (green) and Koigu (the pink and the purple). The STR was left over from a pair of socks I made last year for my Aunt. The Gems and purple Koigu wer left overs from test knits I did for momma-monkey...and the Pink Koigu came in a box of gifted yarn from MM.

Gooey's new socks

Here is a finished bobbin of merino...
Finished bobbin of Merino

I should have turned the picture before I put it on flickr...but you get the idea.

Fun with Walnuts part 2 will be tomorrow, the yarn is still damp and I'd like to reskein it and make it all pretty.

I'm not as sore got bad last night and I was poppin happy pills like candy..well not really. But I was pretty high and couldn't feel a thing. Today not so many :)

hmmm tomorrow I must finish carding the other batch of merino and my SP batts. I'm still waiting on something to add to the package...I'm thinking I'll get it out early next week. I think I'm pushing back the sock yarn till this weekend...Friday maybe...I just don't feel 100% and don't think i'd really be into it. Ok must go work on the rest of Kaths B-day gift.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My face is numb...

So I went and got a tooth pulled today. It wasn't the one I'd thought they'd do...but whatever. I have to go back when I can come up with $300 to get a cleaning and a filling....then more work after that...It will take about a year to get everything that I need to done...every month I'll go back....Wow no yarn for a year, that blows! At least I have a big stash and I spin so I'll be ok.... oh they had to shoot me up about 6 times with Novocaine...and I had a couple bad reactions to it. My lips felt like they were burning. So I might have a big ass bruise on my face...Great...I don't leave the house much so I don't really care.

Depending on how I feel after the Novocaine wheres off I might be able to get some spinning yarn dying today, I'm just not felling it. tomorrow maybe. Anyway I think I'm going to take a happy pill and watch some tv with gooey.

Fun With Walnuts Part 1

Walnuts So it all started when I read a post on the knitty boards about dying with Walnuts and I thought "Wow that pretty fucking neat. I wish I had a Black Walnut tree." Well lookie what the squirrels gave me. The little monsters gave me a gift. (The Squirrels in my yarn are MEAN little things.) So over the last week or so I've been gathering there fall bounty. Hey it's not my fault they dropped them!

Walnuts in the pot Anyway...I started out ripping the hulls off, but man did that get old quick! So I just tossed them in the pot as it and broke them up as they got softer. The green ones did get all dark after they cooked for awhile. I let the pot simmer for awhile...a few hours maybe...then drained the goo out, tossed in the yarn, then let it sit over night. Then the next day I reheated the dye and yarn, then let it sit till it cooled down. Finally I soaked them...and that's where the sit till tomorrow :) Pictures of the yarn when it's all dry and pretty! I really liked the way it came out!

Well I was planning on dying the sock yarn tomorrow...but I have to go to the dentist...My tooth is killing me and I just know it's infected...I can't put it off anymore unless I'd like to die a painful death, and well I have to much knitting to do so that can't happen! $102 just to see me...yeah I get an x-ray...but that is it! Who know how much it's going to be...I have ALOT of work that needs to get done...I have no clue how I'm going to come up with the $$$. I maybe able to get on a payment plan...but I think that won't happen. I'll have to save up for each tooth and get them done one at a time...that's going to fucking suck.... I just hope tomorrow I get sent home with some antibiotics and happy pills....I wanta eat again and not worry about it hurting.

Happy Stuff

In knitting land...I'm about done with one of the Fetchings, just the thumb to go and I'll have 1 done. I really like the pattern it's super easy and they looks o elegant and refined. No pics till Nov...they are a b-day gift. I'm really temped to cast on for Muir....I really need to work on my x-mas knitting....AHHHHHH I wanta knit for myself!!!! Ok done..soon soon soon...

In spinning land...just plugging my way on the orange merino. I'm almost done with the dark orange...then I need to blend up the light orange and firestar and start on that...

I maybe MIA tomorrow...tooth and all, I know that he's not doing anything with it yet...but I'm sure he'll poke me and it will hurt. (I'm a baby when it comes to tooth pain.) But if I'm around there will be Fun With Walnuts Part 2 and maybe a little sneak peek at the new yarn colors. I'm going in to dying with no real plan...I want to just let the colors come to me...don't worry I'm still doing at least one Gooey and Woogie.

Ok off to bed...early appt. Night

Sunday, October 14, 2007

And We Have Pictures

We will start out with the yarn today.

Handspun sock
Up first is the sock yarn of the batch.
Roving Romney from Flawful Fibers
WT 4 oz
Yards 234
Will become socks for ME :)
Handspun sock
mystery wool
Next we have some Worsted-Bulky Wt
Roving Gift from Momma Monkey
Wt I don't know
Yards 125
To become part of my stash
mystery wool
woggie's yarn

And lastly we have the yarn I spun for my sister.
This and That Spinning Wool Batts...Most of these come from parts of the batches I've carded the last few weeks...the leftovers.
Wt 8.1oz
235 yards
To become a scarf knit by my sister.

I worked pretty much everything I wanted to today. The sock yarn is skeined up and ready to be dyed, I'll start that on Tueday. I finished my Sp knitted thing, work on a little sock, spun a little merino...not as much as i wanted...but we will be spending alot of time together tomorrow! Well my wrist is killing me and it's a busy week so my ass is going to bed early tonight..Night.

Tomorrow.....Fun With Walnuts......


The socks are done the socks are done the socks are done the socks are done


So I got the test socks done today, they are blocking as we speak...or, well as I type and you get it :) I really liked the pattern even after knitting 3 of them....(i only had to do one in the other color) Will I knit it again, sure...but not for a wile! The first one was in Gems and I think I should have used a bigger needles because I didn't really like how the yarn was reacting to the stitches... This pair was in the Fleece Artist stuff with the seacell in it (I can't remember the name right now...) This yarn and I had a love hate thing going on, I would love the feel and look of it and them BAM there is a big chunk of seacell that wasn't blended in right...and this happened a lot. Hell for the price of that stuff you'd think the fibers would be blended well...I will say this, I really like how Fleece Artist dyes their yarn! No pooling at all! And the colors are great!

Ok I'll stop talking about a pair of socks I can't even show you yet....I'm not sure when Momma Monkey is planning to release this one....I hope soon because I think it will be a hit! Ok no more...

I also almost got my little knitted SP gift finished...6 more rows...

On tap tomorrow------Yarn Skeining----Little Knitted Thing Finished-----Orange Merino Spinning-------and maybe-----Some Gooey Sock Knitting-----OHOHOH---and---Handspun Yarn Picture Taking

Saturday, October 13, 2007


So I feel like I haven't gotten a thing done in the last 2 day, but it truth I've skeined about 3lbs of yarn (4 more to go), started my knitted gift for Kath, a goodie for my sp, worked on socks for gooey, spun almost a whole bobbin of orange merino, and am so close to finishing my test socks it hurts, all with a toothache that makes me want to blow my brains out...(I wouldn't do that till I've used up all my sock yarn hehehehe and well that will take a freakin life time) But anyway the tooth is feeling better right now, I'm so going to get this damn thing ripped out of my head next week! No new yarn for a wile boohoo...but hell at this point I don't really care. My goal for the weekend is to finish those sock tomorrow and skein the rest of the sock yarn so I can start dying next week. I also have a bunch of new handspun that has to be washed and stuff..I'd like to get my sp goodie done so I can get that package out by the end of next week.

In other news it looks like we'll be doing x-mas eve at my house this year...that means more knitting....My plans are 4 pairs of wrist warmer (fetching) 3 hats for the boys, 3 crochet toys, my sister thing I can't talk about cause she reads my blog, Socks for dh, and my non knitting thing for Kath, and there may be a few little things like dishcloths or something....well I guess it's not too big of a list. I do have to say I love having a stash, I'm going to try my hardest not to go buy yarn, the only thing I may have to get is the dishcloth cotton, all I have is a cone of variegated pink/white/blue that is, well, ugly and some acrylic for the toys. The good thing is everything I need is super cheap and I can do for under $10 or so :) Oh and we'll have to buy all the food...but that's ok because it will be nice to see all of DH brothers together mostly becauseone will be home from Iraq after 18mo (he should be back in about a month).

So anyway that what has been going on with me...

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Blue Green

Blue Green
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Another small shop update today :) 3 more batches of Glow In The Dark This And That Spinning Wool Batts.

Tomorrow I start pulling the sock yarn off the cones!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Teal Tastic

Teal Tastic
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Small shop update today, this one is my Fav out of the 3. All 3 are Glow in the Dark batchs!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Wow I've been busy! No pictures sorry. I've been working on getting the house cleaned...let's just say I'm not the best house wife around, but we just shampooed the carpets and I'm going to try to keep up on the house it's so cutting in to my knitting time! Let's see....I've finished 1 test sock and am working on the leg of the 2nd..Goal to be finished up by the weekend and have them ready to go on the 15th... Very doable :) Other them that I haven't worked on anything else. I'm still dying to make a shawl for myself....I'm thinking the one on the cover of the new Knitty....

I made a few things for Kath for her b-day next month, I have one more knitted thing to do and then something else I must whip up and I'll be done :) Oh Kath if your reading this, I have the COOLEST idea for your x-mas gift! You will love me forever if I can nail it! This gift has something to do with a new hobby I've started working's not really easy, there's some painting that has to be done and well I need to work on that :) If I can master this craft you'll be seeing alot of it around here, and it has nothing to do with yarn or fiber...well you could use some'll see!

I have been spinning a lot lately, I finished up some roving from flawful fibers, some mystery wool Momma Monkey sent me a wile ago, my sister This and That Yarn, and the Merino/Tencel blend. I've just started some orange sock yarn for Momma Monkey that I'd like to get done very soon, I have some projects I'd like to spin for, but I don't get anything done if I spin more then one batch at a time. That and I have some X-mas knitting and crocheting to do :) Anyway I'll get pictures of the yarn after they've been washed....this weekend maybe.

As for the shop I will be carding up some more This and That Batts this week, and if I can find the glow in the dark stuff in my sea of fiber you will see some Glow In The Dark This and That Batts! I have 6lbs of sock yarn sitting on cones right now that I will get spit up and dyed very soon, I just really want to get those socks done first...I keep finding other stuff to doing the dishes...I know weird. But fuck dude trying to keep a clean house is not easy with 5 cats, 2 dogs, a Gooey, and a DH that works a ton!

Oh SP...Are you out there? Hope all is well, I have'nt heard from you in awile...

Monday, October 01, 2007

New hat and scarf for gooey

New hat and scarf for gooey
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The scarf was in the shop...Gooey wanted it so I pulled it and then crochet her a matching hat :)

Blue Floral

Blue Floral
Originally uploaded by Momma Monkey.

Momma Monkey Listed the new kits in her store today :) This one is my fav!