Sunday, September 30, 2007

Very sad news....Goodbye sweet friend

I hate to tell everyone this....I very broken up about beloved printer died...She gave so much to make me happy, She worked sooo hard to print knitting patterns and shipping labels... Let me tell you about her, she was a beautiful Lexmark Z705 that came with my computer that I proudly bought about 3 1/2 years ago. She has been having problems for awhile, I had to feed in each sheet of paper to get her to print...but I lived with that...What sent her to a better place was when refilling the ink just didn't work anymore and I realized I could buy a spiffy 3 in 1 for just as much as new ink... So she printed her last shipping label came out greenish blueish.. Tomorrow she will be taken apart and sent to her final resting place, and replaced with what I hope to be my new best friend in printing a Lexmark X2500 with a copy and a scanner. I hope to beable to copy knitting charts so I can mark them up and not worry about trashing the hardcopy, I hope to scan random stuff and email to people, I hope she/he enjoys printing shipping labels as much I enjoy having to and I just hope that we grow close in my time of need....

Here is a picture taken just a little wile ago...Good Bye Sweet Friend

Goodbye my friend

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