Thursday, September 13, 2007

Cool Stuff!!!

My Sp packaged Here is my 2nd package from my SUPER COOL Spinning SP knittingkitty!!!! I love everything!! There is merino/seacell, Superwash merino/alpaca, camel down, and mmmm mohair!!! I can't wait to start play with this stuff!!! Thank you knittingkitty your the bestest!

Mail Day :) Fun package in the mail...I had a good mail day!

Gooey, BoBo and the Scarf Here is some knitting. I made this scarf from yarn I spun from some of my first This and That Batts! I made 2 scarfs, this on is Gooey's and the other will be listed in the shop when i do my update on Sunday (by the way there will be more T & T batts listed)

This and That Yarn Scarf

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