Saturday, September 15, 2007

Batts off to Flawful Fibers

Flawful shipment 1 002
Originally uploaded by merlinthecat.

These batts are off to to Flawful Fibers tomorrow :) There is a link on the side bar go check Julie's shop out! You'll find some super sweet fibery goodness!!

Don't worry there are at least 12 set of batt that will be listed in my etsy shop on Sunday! Just in case you can't wait....The ones listed on Sunday will be very different then these :)


Momma Monkey said...

If those batts are anything like the ones I got today, I'm so JEALOUS ! I love this batch of colors.

Good job, and congrats again :)

Batty said...

I want those! Ooooh, how I want those bright lime green ones in the corner!