Sunday, September 02, 2007

Another sale Sock Kits

Handspun and Hand Dyed sock kits over at Monkey Toes are $5 off this weekend.

I promise real knitting a spinning content by the end of the holiday weekend....and I'll stop pimping myself for awile... I'm going to take a little break from dying for a wile. Not long...I just need to work on other things. I will still be dying for Momma Monkey so there will be plenty of kits :) Check out her blog for a preview of the new ones coming up! I will also be carding up more This and That Spinning Wool Batts with and without the Glow in The Dark this weekend, I will list those most likely Wed after the sale ends. I'll post pictures here so you'll know when they're up!

I want to thank everyone who has stopped by the store!

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