Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Knitty Board RBSS

Knitty Board RBSS
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My Sp was Bluroux and she gave me some super cool stuff! There is Nova Socks from Fleece Artist. I love the colors and have never used this yarn! I can't wait! The KP is Risata, a cotton wool blend that I would have never bought for myself! Its soo soft I can't wait to try this one too, oh and the Tofutsies is in a color I've wanted for a wile!

There was also a very cool book with tons of crafty stuff for Gooey and I to do, some yummy candy (gooey has the candy watch on right now), a super cute beer cap magnet, a little note book, a very pretty post card....and my fav thing out of the whole box a super cool hand made bracelet!!!! I love everything! Thank you sooo much!!!

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Blu Roux said...

So glad you like the package, merlinthecat!
It was a challenge to decide what to send to someone who spins and dyes such lovely yarn as you do, but that made it fun for me. :-)
If the bracelet doesn't fit right, you can always play around with the bead arrangement to size it down.