Saturday, July 14, 2007


So DD wanted me to put the Barbie house together yesterday. This is the same dream house I had as a kid! The dolls and outfits were mine and my friends. Well not the SAME one but one just like it. We were playing with it this morning and I tooks some pics. So here they are...Gooey picked out all the outfits, she old school! All the shoes, bags and belts match :)

barbie 003

barbie 001

barbie 002
barbie 004
barbie 005barbie 009barbie 006barbie 008


Knitting said...

You had a true Barbie fashion shoot there !!

I'm going to have to knit Gooey some Barbie clothes from the bits of sock yarns I have left. And you know the Sock Lady, she's got LOTS of sock yarn :)

Knitting said...

Why do I keep showing up as 'knitting'? It used to say Momma Monkey...

merlinthecat said...

It depends on what google email you sign on with :)

Batty said...

I remember that pink outfit, it came with a Barbie doll that had insanely long hair, I think! And I also seem to remember it coming with a pink little gizmo that could be used to twist hair in on itself. Just yesterday, I was wondering if it could be used for plying yarn.

merlinthecat said...

OMG batty your right, I forgot about that thing! I bet you could ply yarn with it :) MUST FIND ONE AND SEE!!!!