Friday, June 08, 2007

Yarn porny porn :)

secret project stuff Here is my yarn porn for this week. These were custom dyed for the secret project I'm working on :) They are all my superwash sock yarns. Oh and the mini stitch markers are going to be part of it :) As soon as I can post more info I will so stay tuned!
Skeinwinder Here is my new skeinwinder. OH MAN I love her! I finished her with Fiber Reactive Dye (yes the same stuff you dye yarn with) and some stain.
buttons to give awayHere are some buttons that I will be giving away with my yarn in fiber at the shop :)

As for knitting and spinning... I'm working on a test knit, and my sock for this month. Also I signed up for MS3...I'm not sure what yarn I'm going to use yet...


OneEar said...

knitted sweaters are hot!

Zonda said...

Nice colorways and cute buttons too! I bet that skeinwinder helps out a lot!! My arms were killing me the few times I've used my niddy noddy!