Saturday, June 16, 2007

Look My Very Own Monkey Bags!!!

MY VERY OWN MONKEY BAG Look what came in the mail today! MY very Own Monkey Bags! The top bag is a sock bag, the bottom one is a notion bag. I love them! Check out Momma-Monkey's blog to see some of the other cool stuff she's made!

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Patty said...

Oh your bags are just gorgeous.
She does amazing work.
I have mine on order.

Oh and then her shop opens what? the 21st? I can't wait.

I have a weakness for bags. Cortney, I think you're going to have to pull my reins in.

Zonda said...

Lovely bags there! I love the one she made me for our swap! Enjoy them!

Stariel said...

OOOOO! Very cute. :D

Now, where do I get some of that handspun sock yarn, huh?

Batty said...

Beautiful! I've been looking at her bags, and they're just gorgeous. You are very lucky.