Saturday, March 24, 2007

Look what I did today :)

Sheepy 001Black shetland ewe
Sheepy 008 White Shetland ewe
Sheepy 007 Black Shetland ewe (same one from above)
Sheepy 009 Baby doll ewe
Sheepy 011 Brown Shetland Ram
Sheepy 004 Baby doll
Sheepy 002 Baby dolls, white shetland butt and a black and white shetland
Sheepy 019
Sheepy 018

Sheepy 027 4 Shetland Fleeces
Sheepy 028 5 baby doll fleeces
Sheepy 029 Skirtings from all. It ended up being one huge bag full. The trash guy is going to love me, not!
Sheepy 030 Shetland samples
Sheepy 035 Baby doll Samples

If you want you can click on the picture and they will take you to flickr and you can see more sheepy porn. The Baby Doll sheep are for sale so email me merlinthecat at gmail . com if you would like more info. There are 2 rams, and 3 ewes.

I'm going to wash the samples up tonight so come back Monday for picks and more info on the fleeces. I have a pair of sock I HAVE to get done by monday for Socktopia....


DeltaDawn said...

Holy cow - you bought the wool right off the sheep's back? Or you helped? Fabulous stuff - looks like tons of fun.

Momma Monkey said...

My Son doesn't talk much.

But he's sitting here next to me *screaming*


I'm a tad bit jealous...

as an aside, the word verification I have to type for this is wulluu.

Abigale said...

WOW - So much wool - so little time!

You will have so much fun with all of this :-)