Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas is over

Chirstmas eve went well, there was way to much food. Here is Gooey opening gifts on x-mas day.


Colleen's socks
Here are the socks I made my sister for chirstmas.
Yarn used Brown Sheep Wildfoote Luxury Sock less then 3 balls
Pattern Spiral Boot Socks by Veronik Avery

I have been make up lost time with my wheel. I've finished 2 batches of sock yarn so far, on was roving from Flawful fibers, the other was a merino/alpaca blend (a lot of batts that didn't sell it the shop). Both were spun in to sock wt and the merino/alpaca blend will be listed in the shop soon, as for the other I'm not sure yet...I think it may need to stay in my stash. On the bobbin now is some BFL that is slated to go in to a sock kit for the shop. Pictures soon :)

I haven't touched any knitting in a few days...but I really need to get working on those gloves for DH!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Sunday, December 23, 2007


Handspun for LCB
Originally uploaded by merlinthecat.

Here is some of the handspun I was telling you about the other day. This is about 3 oz of BFL That I dyed in my Tzara colorways.

Well we are getting ready to have people over tomorrow. I have 1 washcloth to finished today and have made the soap :) Wow this is a super lame post.....

Friday, December 21, 2007

Damn it

X-mas eve is back on....I have so much crap to do.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Knitting is Finished :)


I can't show you a picture now, but I'll post it soon....

But I can show you this.

This is the start of a pair of gloves for DH. I'm useing The Knitter's Handy Book of Pattern and Zenith Oh wow this yarn is NICE, a bit splity, but man oh so soft! I hope I have a chance to pick up some more and stash it away! I would so love to make a sweater with it!

Noro Sock

Here is the Noro Sock yarn I ordered...I have mixed feelings about it. The colors are just wonderful... and I've love the little Noro I've worked with...I just don't see this yarn making very good socks...I really don't think they'd hold up well. Oh but it would make a beautiful shawl or wrap! I think I'll try sock with this ball..soon I hope. Oh if your wondering it feels the same as any other Noro I've felt and I can see bits of VM in it.

I also have some yarn that I spun up a few weeks's still wet so it will have to wait. I spun it up bulky...I'm thinking a log cabin blanket using all of my bits of bulky handspun. I really like the idea, but with all the pets a non washable blanket will be a huge PITA!

As for X-mas eve...I'm not hosting, (thankfully). As far as I know it will just be my sister coming over....

Monday, December 17, 2007

My weekend....Again

It snowed like crazy this weekend, I think we got like 8in or so. I've been plugging away at finishing my last knitted gift, no pictures till after x-mas....but they will be worth the wait. I'll just say that it will be hard to give it away! Gooey, Joe and Zara spent most of the day outside playing in the snow, I wrapped all of the x-mas gifts, man Gooey is getting a lot....even with being broke I was able to do well for her! I can't wait till she gets to open them!

I'm still not sure if were hosting x-mas eve...I just found out Joe's gotta work till 5. And well I can't all! That and with Zara being Zara, she doesn't like other men or boys in the house AT ALL and she's going to be able to read me, and I won't be happy about having to entertain his parents, who, as you can guess, I don't like much. My sister will be here no matter what, so she'd be a big help. I don't know what will happen...we'll see.

I did frog a few very old WIP that I will just never finish...I'm down to only 3, a red afghan that I've had on the needles for about 2 years and 2 pairs of socks that need a mate. 1 is from the summer the other is about a year old. I also have Juna Regina that I just started a couple of weeks ago....I would like to finish these up before I start anything new, but I need to make DH his hat, scarf and gloves after the holiday.

As for shop news, I will be updating mid Jan with more This and That Spinning Wool Batts and Sock Blend batts. No Handspun Sock or Handpainted Sock for awile...I haven't had the time to spin or the money to buy more base yarn...but new stock will come in soon! I'd also like to bring back the Handpainted Lace for the spring.

Well I don't know how much I'll post this week, If I host x-mas eve I'll be super busy and stuff....

Friday, December 14, 2007

Another Gift Finished

Dh's x-mas socks
Yarn: Opal Hundertwasser
Needles: 1/ 2.25mm

These are for Dh, it took me forever to finished them! I think I started them in July...anyway there done. I have one more gift to finish and I'm done with my X-mas crafting! I didn't get as much done as I would have liked, but oh well. You can only knit for so many hours in a day.... I've finished my shopping, Thank you Capital One! Now I just have to wrap everything! I'm hope to do most of it on Sunday, DH has the day off and may take Gooey to see Santa. That will depend on his long as the bills get paid...Oh and why can you just go see Santa and not have to pay for the pictures...what's up with that.

So I'm dieing to get my hands on the new Noro sock yarn.....I must have it! I was able to order 1 color from if it would just get here already!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tiny Shop Update today.

This and That Spinning Wool Batts
Originally uploaded by merlinthecat.

I carded 2 sets of batts for the shop today.

I'm going to try to keep adding a few each long as I keep up with my x-mas knitting....

Monday, December 10, 2007

My Weekend

Two Tone Knit Shrug I finished the Two Tone Knit Shrug from Fitted Knits....I looks kinda weird not on...but I really like how it turned out and I hope Kath will too. I used less then 2 balls of each color of Cascade 220. I'm almost done with my x-mas knitting. 2 pairs of sock to finish...then maybe another pair for DH...I was able to pump out a few pairs last Christmas maybe and can get a few more done.... I'm almost done with my shopping, it all depends on if DH gets paid before the holiday.. He hasn't been paid yet from the new job. That sooo SUCKS, we've been living off the little bit of tip money he had left from when he was delivering pizzas and whatever I've been making at the were OK, but could always be better! Thankfully I've been steady and had some gift cards that I've used to buy gifts for DD. Oh and pretty much everyone is getting something knitted. We still don't know if were going to host X-mas eve, most likely not, we need to pay the car payment before we feed DH's asshole family.

Lighted tree We did get the tree up :) It's kinda falling apart...The cats trashed it last year....It will go in the trash after we take it down and buy a new one next year. It's about time. It was super cheap when we got it 5 years ago.

TreeI really must burn the drapes...YUCK!!!!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

And We Have Pictures!

Two Tone Shrug From Fitted Knits
First up is the Two Tone Shug from Fitted Knits. Oh I love this pattern and hell the whole book is just great...I think I love every pattern in it! Anyway this is for my friend Kath. I'm using Cascade 220. This is a size 14in, she's just a little thing...I used less then a skein for the brown. I have a bit more done then what's in the picture and hope to have it finished by tomorrow night.
Juno Regina
I've restarted Juno Regina from last months Knitty. Not much done, and not like I really need to cast on for something else....I just wanted to start something for myself... Wow there is only like 19 days left till x-mas....I really need to get busy!

Back on Track

But no pictures...maybe tomorrow.

I'm working on the Two-Toned Shurg from Fitted Knits for my friend Kath for X-mas. I love the way it's turning out! I'm almost done, (3 row in to the rib around the body. I'm gald I bought yarn to make myself one! Anyway I should really have this done by Thr night, then I have 2 more pairs of socks to finish then my MUST get done x-mas knitting is done :) Yea! Well off to bed, Gooey's friend is coming over tomorrow to play and I must pick up the house!

Monday, December 03, 2007


I so didn't get any x-mas knitting done this weekend....Just 1 washcloth and a mini sock. I did soo mess up the barbie I repainted and was planning on rerooting. The hair I got ended up bleeding all over her face. Now she looks sun burned. Fuck. I don't think I'm going to have time to repaint another one...well see. I'm using wool on another reroot and have had no problems at all, so I'm going stick with what I know if I start another one....I'll just dye my own hair from now on.

I feel like time is running out and I have so much I want to get done....

Ok off to bed, I have to play catch up tomorrow!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Small Shop Update!

Dec1 update
Originally uploaded by merlinthecat.

I've updated the shop today with some BFL roving and Sock Blend Spinning Wool Batts.

Friday, November 30, 2007

The Dream Sweater

So I had this dream the other night that I made Gooey a red and black sweater to go with and outfit I got her for x-mas....Well here it is, it's not quite what I dreamed about but hell it's works and will look super cute with the outfit!
The pattern I found for free on the web, the yarn is Yarn Bee Luscious in Cherrysnap.
I have a ton more x-mas crafting to do....This weekend it's all about the Dishcloth....6 more to do, well I think it's 6...I have it written down somewhere..... Ok better get busy!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Oh look a couple FO

Last X-mas Bear :)

So I finished a few things this weekend :) Up top there is my last bear! And that cute little sheepy Is for DD for x-mas. I still have many more gifts to knit or crochet...I should be able to get them all done in time!

It's a sheep!

I wanted to thank everyone who stopped by the shop this weekend! Just an FYI I left shipping opened to the UK and Canada, and if you are anywhere else let me know and I'll set up shipping for you :)

I've also just received the last of the sock kits Momma-Monkey and I did. I will listing them in the shop this week! Come by and check them out, this maybe the last chance to pick up my handpainted yarn paired with Momma-Monkey's wonderful bags!!

Sunday, November 25, 2007


One more day to take advantage of these great sale prices on OOAK yarns and fibers!!!
Sale end Monday at 11:59pm EST!!!
Don't miss out!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

I hope everyone is having a great day! I have the roast in the slow cooker and the handmade butter done! I still have cookies and rolls to make :)

The shop is all ready for the sale. I've updated with some more handspun yarn, mostly sock. I did make up some stitch marker, but the I can't seem to get good pictures of I'm giving them away to the first 8 customers! I will start marking everything down and changing the shipping around 11:30Pm EST :)

Here are some pictures of the new yarns listed today! ENJOY

Handspun Sock Romney
Romney Sock
Handspun Sock Coop/Highland Wool
Coop/Highland Wool Sock
Handspun Sock Romney
Romney Sock
Handspun Sock Merino/Corr/Mohair
Merino/Corr/Mohair Sock
Handspun Sock Corr
Corr Sock
Handspun Yarn Coop/Black Diamond Bamboo/Glitz
Coopworth/Black Diamond Bamboo/Glitz

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A pair of gloves

Gloves for Gooey
I finished these gloves on Sunday. I used less then one ball of Noro Kureyon in color #102. Pattern from The knitters handy book of patterns using size 4 needles. This is my first time using Noro and I'm in LOVE. Oh people at Noro! I love your yarn so! I really can't wait to see they're new sock yarn. I am a little scared, it being a single and all...but you never know. I was planning on preordering some, but with DH losing his job and all, I really don't think that is the brightest of all ideas. I do have some good news on that...He did find a new job at a different car dealership, hopefully it will work out. Things will still be pretty tight, seeing that he hasn't worked, (well he's been slinging pizzas) for about 2 weeks. We're ok...for now. So if you in MI and need a Dodge, Jeep, or Chrysler let me know and I'll hook you up!
I've been working on X-mas gifts and getting ready for the Sale and Thanksgiving. My sister is coming over tomorrow night and I still have to pick up the house and go shopping for dinner.. We are having Roast. It's easy, I have one in the freezer and I dislike turkey. I still have to pick up a pie and stuff. Oh I'm going to try and make my own butter, It won't be as cool as getting raw milk, I'll just be buying heavy cream....but I still want to try it. That and the idea of making butter just sounds cool!
As for the Sale. I've pulled some of my personal stash of handspun and washed and tagged, I may or may not be listing it...Most likely I will... I've also made a few batchs of stitch markers, not many...I didn't have many parts left. I will be listing them as long as I remember to pick up padded envelopes.
I will be opening up shipping to Canada and the UK during the sale and everything will be shipped on Monday. I figured it would just be easier to ship everything all at once. I don't really like shipping out of the US because I'm so scared things will get lost in the mail and almost all of my items are OOAK, but many have asked so, for the sale I will do it :)
I like using different colors hehehe...

Monday, November 19, 2007

Black Friday Sale

Black Friday Sale
Everything in the shop will be marked down starting at about 12am EST Friday Nov. 23 and will last till about 11:59pm EST Sunday Nov 25!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Freya by Momma Monkey

Freya by Momma Monkey
Originally uploaded by merlinthecat.

This is a test knit I did for Momma-Monkey over the summer. It was knit in my handspun. You can download the pattern for free, check out the sidebar for the link to her blog.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Lots of Stuff!

First up we have a couple pairs of Fetching. The Green pair was knitted using Lamb's Pride Worsted. I love that color! The black pair was knit in Knit Picks Elegance using smaller needles.

Oh Oh Oh Shop Update!!! All handspun sock. The green and brown is 100% Merino, 3.8oz, 345 yards. I LOVE THIS YARN! It's sooo soft and springy! Oh the color is Lime Nut.

The brown, yellow and orange is called Woogie Gone Wrong. I was trying to dye the roving in my Woogie colorways and well it went wrong. It is BFL, 5.8oz and 420 yards

The pretty green is a wool/mohair blend called Spring Grass. There is 3.8oz and 321 yard!

Monday, November 12, 2007

ooooo A Post With Pictures :)

Hey look a picture! I've finished a couple things in the the last few days

First up is this Amigurumi Bear

X-mas Gift for Gooey

Yarn: Yarn Bee Soft Delight

Hook size...I don't know, the purple one

Pattern from a Japanese Craft Book called Amigurumi Book

I have one more of these to make.
This is BunBun Rabbit
I made this Bunny this morning for Gooey because Miss Zara killed the 1st one I made. This Bun Bun is much better :)
Yarn: Knit Picks WOA
Hook: I really need to keep track of what hook I use.
Pattern: BunBun Rabbit by Simple Arts Planet

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Ryan's Home from Iraq!!!!

Well amost. He's back in the states and should be back at his base in a few hours!!!! I was so happy to talk to him! (oh by the way Ryan is my BIL) I wish we could be there to see him come home, but wouldn't want to intrude on that moment with his wife and kids. I'm just so happy for them all :)

Today's a great day!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Nothing is getting done..

Man having Dh home all the time really messes with my routine. I've pretty much done nothing, or at least if feels like nothing. I finished spinning some BFL roving in to sock yarn and started plying it.

Oh I did find the COOLEST plying tool on etsy. Check it out here. The service is great and they have great spinning tools! I really want this diz and this WPI thingie . Ok back to the plying tool! It's very cool, it make plying sooooo much easier and faster! I've only plyed a bit with it but don't know how I lived without it for so long!

I did finish the head to another crocheted bear. It took FOREVER! I just couldn't count and had to keep riping back and the yarn I'm using didn't like that much. I just have to finish the legs and sew it together and it will be done. I'm hoping to do that tomorrow! I didn't work on Juno tonight, I really need to get a couple more gifts done before I can try again.

Well I better get to bed.

later :)

Friday, November 09, 2007


I posted some yarn over on the Yarn Sale or Swap Blog... There maybe more to come.

I started Juno Regina last night using this yarn and then ripped it back twice...I kept messing up the 2 yarn overs in the row....Maybe I should stick with x-mas knitting for now :) I really like the pattern and want it finished NOW :) Maybe I'll try again tonight.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Dh got fired....

Or laid off or whatever you want to call it. You know I should have fucking known...that stupid ass car dealership did it to him last year same time. Well they did it in Oct last time and I thought we were all good this year, I mean come on he was selling 12 cars a month....I was looking forward to a stress free holiday season where I didn't have to go sell everything of value to pay the bills. NICE...At least he had a job interview today....we won't know for a few days, till then it's back to slinging pizzas. Ok I have to put it in overdrive and start spinning more yarn for the shop......

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


I've had an epiphany. I will not put myself out there knitting for people who will not appreciate or use what I knit for them. I will not bust my ass and neglect my store for people who I want nothing to do with. This will give me time to knit for people I WANT to knit for and to spin bunchs of sock yarn for the shop :) Ok I feel much better now. Off to make sweet love to my wheel!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Damn Damn Damn...


I didn't get everything I wanted to get finished this weekend...

Damn Damn Damn Damn...

My goals were:

Get the last 3 of 9 thingies made...Only finished 2.3 of them. Fuck

Finish the pair of green Fetchings .... Knitted one on Friday...didn't touch them again all weekend. Damn it all to hell.

Wash and tag the orange sock yarn from the last post. Done, even got them out in the mail a day early cause I have a super cool mail man. Ok one good thing.

Ok so tomorrow...finish finish finish... Plus do all my happy house wife what a that I've kept the house clean, I can't stand it if dishes sit..and I have to vacuum all the time...No wonder it took me so long to get my ass in to gear. I miss my days of having tons of time to knit and spin....but I don't miss the mess. Oh well the joys of living in a house that was built in the work work...

We spent most of the weekend working on winterizing the place...We have to put plastic on all the window...I know ugly...but the windows are original, some still have the wavy glass...I don't even want to think about how much it would cost to replace them..most of the windows are pretty close to floor to ceiling and 5 of them are HUGE HUGE HUGE!!!! But I must say playing with caulk is fun fun fun.

We also punched a hole in a wall in the dining room....we have an old chimney in there and I was thinking it would be cool to expose it...being that it's covered with that nasty textured crap....well I thought the chimney went in the kitchen...nope...someone took a stove or something out of the dining room and rigged some crap to hold the chimney up...needless to say I was a little disappointed...and messy after I had to help re plaster the thing.. Oh the stove would have been in the dumbest possible place in that room...and why the hell you would you need it when you have a huge fire place in the next room...oh well we have to paint and patch in there anyway.

Were doing x-mas eve with my husbands crazy ass family. They drive me fucking nuts...(well not my SIL Jenna!) The only reason I'm doing it is so I can spend the day with my husband and daughter...he would insist on taking her to my MIL's (crazy bitch...yes I harbor some hard core anger...but that's another story)..and well I will NOT...over my dead body...go over there! So this is what I have to do, so I'm doing it. My sister will be there so at least that will help!

We have tons of stuff I'd like to do to get the house ready....and I know I won't be able to get it all done in time....Oh let talk about what I feel I NEED to get done. I feel the need to give these people gifts...I'm not spending money on them so then I must knit for them....(Jenna you guys don't count in any part my mad ranting...but you know that) Anyway I will spend the next 2 months busting my ass and wasting my stash on people I can't stand and who will not appreciate or use anything I make them. You say "then why do it?" Because I can't just give gifts to some people and not to others...Right?

Wow I'm extra bitchy tonight.

Some good did come out of the weekend.

The shop was pretty busy. It always makes me feel really good when people choose my yarn or fibers. There are so many wonderful and talented fiber artist out there. Nothing makes me feel better then great feedback on an item I worked so hard to create. Yea! People like my yarn :)

Sorry for the colorful mmm was just one of those weekends.

Off to bed. Night!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

MommaMonkey's Handspun Sock

MommaMonkey's Handspun Sock
Originally uploaded by merlinthecat.

Lt orange merino/firestar 1.7 oz 120 yards
Dark orange merino 2.6 oz 196 yards
Plyed 6.4 oz 475 yards
Plyed 5.8 oz 461 yards

Total of 17.9 oz
1252 yards

To be shipped on Monday.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Handpainted Roving BFL In Tzara

Handpainted Roving BFL In Tzara
Originally uploaded by merlinthecat.

I got a killer deal on a LB of BFL. I wanted to dye some up for x-mas gifts for a couple of my spinning friends. This what was left over....Almost 8oz that will be spun up in to sock yarn for the shop :)

Handpainted Roving Targee

Handpainted Roving Targee
Originally uploaded by merlinthecat.

This was some roving I got from my Spinning Special Pal from the Knitty Boards to dye. I've never worked with's a lot like Merino and I can't wait to spin it up :)

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat!!

My little Woodland FarieHere is Gooey in her Woodland Fairie getup. The wings were handmade...not by me. Dh got them at the Jazz Fest this summer. I did make that spiffy sweater and the sweet TuTu :)

Look at all my candy!!! Here is her candy...not bad for a 4yo huh?

Tomorrow it's back to work :) I've been spinning some yarn for the shop and working on x-mas gifts....I really hope I can get them all done in time...I have finished a couple things and dyed some roving :) I'm getting much better at it...sooooo you may see it in the shop soon! Ok off to bed...lots of crap to do tomorrow!

Tarence The Pumpkin Is Home For A Vist

Tarence is home for his yearly visit. He spends the holidays in Hawaii with his family, then travels to Alaska for the summer. He flew in on Sunday for his yearly makeover and visit and will leave tomorrow night back to Hawaii.

Here is his new look.
DH gave him his makeover this year with Gooey giving the orders :) This year we collected his seed and hope to have him visit earlier next year.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Weekend Work...well not really "work"

Here is what I'd like to get finished this weekend...

Merino Sock

This is the sock yarn I'm spinning for Momma-Monkey . The dark orange is merino and the light orange is merino/firestar that I blended. I've got almost one full bobbin'll get to see the finished yarn after I skein it and it looks pretty :) I really like how it's turning out...I'm not a huge fan of orange but I really like this batch. I hope to have it all plyed by Monday night and in the mail by the next Monday....I like to let my yarn rest on the bobbin for bit.

After I'm finished with this it's all about the x-mas knitting and crocheting! I'm hopeing to get a few things done this weekend...well I better get working on them if I want to get them done!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Lookie what my sister made!

knitting 007
Originally uploaded by falkor15.

My sister made this scarf out of some of my yarn that I spun from my This and That Batts....Pretty cool huh!

Oh my I got a ton of stuff done today, (well's 1:30am) and I'm not sure how! I've spun some of the light orange merino, I finished the Barbie repaint and pulled out the rest of her hair, I finished a super cute Amigurumi Bear and started and got half way done with a lace washcloth...then frogged it cause I fucked up...oh well...I'll start it again tomorrow!

Here the picture of the Bear :) It's super cute!!!

Amigurumi Bear

This is an x-mas gift for one of the many toddler/preschoolers I know...Not sure who yet...but I had to finish and take the picture on the down low so Gooey didn't see it.

Yarn ahhh some stuff from a frogged sweater that wasn't wool and is fuzzy.

Hook size...I don't know, the purple one.

Pattern from a Japanese Craft Book called Amigurumi Book (Yeah I can link now)

Amigurumi Bear

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My first Barbie repaint

My first Barbie repaint
Originally uploaded by merlinthecat.

Not a full repaint, cause well I can't paint very well. I did change everything, just repainted over what was there....her eyes were blue and lips and eye shadow was purple. I still have to finish taking her hair out...Her hair will be red...or red and black...what ever will go best with the dress I planning on using....

This is a x-mas gift for a friend who LOVES Barbies :)

Monday, October 22, 2007

Preview of Tomorrow's Shop Update!

Update Preview

Here Is the yarn for the update tomorrow (1pm est) The top 2 are handspun and will include a matching st marker set. :)

Bobo and Trinity's yarn

Here is the yarn Gooey dyed...and Bobo the sheep. She's pretty good! This yarn will become a couple pairs of socks for her sometime soon.

Ok I've got tons more stuff to do today......

Don't forget the update is tomorrow starting at 1pm EST :)



I got everything I wanted to done this weekend!


The sock yarn for the update on Tue (around 1pm EST if anyone is wondering) is all dyed and half of it is re skeined and pictures taken. The rest will be finished tomorrow and I'll give you a little preview then! There is one skein I really really want to keep.... but I won't because I really need to work on getting my teeth fixed and well with x-mas coming up and all...not a big deal because I can just make more!

I finished some knitting, Kath's gift is finished!

I've got everything for my downstream SP ready. I just need to pack it up and get it ready to ship. I think she'll like this batch. My upstream is still MIA, I hope she's ok. I haven't heard from her in over a month and have not gotten a package. But I'm really having a great time putting stuff together for my downstream! Now I must plan for the last package...hmmm I want to get it ready early...I'll be in the middle of x-mas knitting at the end of Nov. and I want to make sure the last package is extra cool!

Tonight I also worked on my sister x-mas knitting...I think it will go much quicker then I thought! I really can't talk about it cause she reads my blog and all. But she'll like it!

Well my tooth or lack there of feels fine...I can't wait to get a tooth back in there! It's not like anyone will ever tell by looking, but it just feels weird. I'm hoping my update goes well this week so I can go back in a few weeks to get a cleaning and a filling oh and all the x-rays so we figure out what needs to get done. If you haven't been to the dentist in awhile really go! I can't believe what I did to myself by not going for years and years and years....

Ok must get to bed! lots of stuff to do tomorrow!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

What I did today

What I did today
Originally uploaded by merlinthecat.

Here is 26 skeins of yarn I dyed today. 23 or 24 will go up in the store. I dyed an extra "Gooey" for myself and Trinity dyed one. Hers is the green, purple, blue and gray one. I went in to dying with pretty much nothing planned. I knew I wanted the Merino/Tencel handspun sock in Gooey and Woogie. but that's it. I'm thinking Tueday for the shop update...

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Fun with Walnuts Part 2

It took me long enough! I'm so behind on everything right now it's not even funny.

walnut yarn Sock Wt

Here is the Bare sock yarn. OMG I love this stuff! Well not for socks. But I think this yarn would make a beautiful lacy scarf. I won't be sad if it doesn't sell!

walnut yarn Lot 2

Here is lot 2. These 2 turned out a little darker then the other 4. This is worsted wt along with lot 1.

walnut yarn Lot 1

And lot 1. I really like how all the yarn turned out. I'm thinking of spinning up some lace wt Shetland and dying it with walnuts.

This is pretty much all I got done today, these skeined and listed in the shop. My friend Meg came over with her son. I haven't seen her in forever. We worked together when I managed Rave. It was cool seeing her again and Gooey really liked playing!

I did get on the treadmill after she left...I'm starting to gain the weight back that I worked so hard to loss a year ago...From now on no matter what need to get done I'm going to find the time to get on the treadmill.

Ok I've got to get carding the rest of the merino....

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Oh oh Oh I finished something

Here we have a pair of socks for Gooey. I use left over STR (the darkest), Gems (green) and Koigu (the pink and the purple). The STR was left over from a pair of socks I made last year for my Aunt. The Gems and purple Koigu wer left overs from test knits I did for momma-monkey...and the Pink Koigu came in a box of gifted yarn from MM.

Gooey's new socks

Here is a finished bobbin of merino...
Finished bobbin of Merino

I should have turned the picture before I put it on flickr...but you get the idea.

Fun with Walnuts part 2 will be tomorrow, the yarn is still damp and I'd like to reskein it and make it all pretty.

I'm not as sore got bad last night and I was poppin happy pills like candy..well not really. But I was pretty high and couldn't feel a thing. Today not so many :)

hmmm tomorrow I must finish carding the other batch of merino and my SP batts. I'm still waiting on something to add to the package...I'm thinking I'll get it out early next week. I think I'm pushing back the sock yarn till this weekend...Friday maybe...I just don't feel 100% and don't think i'd really be into it. Ok must go work on the rest of Kaths B-day gift.