Wednesday, August 23, 2006

On the 2nd to last rinse add some white vinegar. This will kill any soap left. Be carful wher you dump this H20, vinegar will kill your plants or grass, I like to water mine down after I pull the wool out After the last rince, pull your wool out, let drip dry (this is where I clean up). Place your sweater bags in the washer and spin to dry (use only the spin cycle, no rinse). After the spin cycle pull your wool out, run your washer with some soap in it to clean it out. Now take your fleece outside to dry, I like to dry mine in the sun. Pull it out of the sweater bags, if it went in the bag in one piece, it will come out in one piece. I like to drap my fleece over the mesh chairs. After it is dry, shake it out, if it has any VM in it, soem will come out now. You are done. Bag and tag. Or comb, card or spin from the lock. The fleece drying, it will pretty much look the same dry. Now if you have a white fleece there maybe staining on the tips, or they my not come all the way clean. Thats ok.
Top side of the drying fleece. It turned out to be cream with red and black hairs. Very cool.
Under side of the drying fleece. Posted by Picasa

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