Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Merlin The Cat's Guide for Washing Raw Fleece or Wool

This is how I wash all my raw fiber; wool, mohair, alpaca and llama. There are some differences when washing a fine wool like merino, (hotter water, more soap, and shorter soaks). But right now we are talking about an Icelandic fleece. If your washing a Shetland it's pretty close to the same, both have lower lanolin and are easy to clean. (just what I seen so far).

I found that this method works best for me, I've read up on how to wash fleece all over the net and have asked a ton of questions on the Knittyboards. I have washed over 10 raw fleeces this summer and have tryed many different ways. In most case my end goal is to spin from the lock or comb my wool. I do not seperate my locks before washing; I don't have THAT much time on my hands, but my try it on my next fine wool fleece. I wash my wool outside; I have a hot water hose hooked up the the water heater. I hver washed wool in the bathtub, and will again when the weather turns, but it's very messy.
Roll out your fleece, check for second cuts, poo, mats, and large VM. Pick the yucky stuff out. I was lucky with this one, I didn't have much to pick out.

Dirty fleece. Posted by Picasa

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