Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Add your wool filled sweater bags.
I now put a pizza pan on top and VERY slowly and carefully push down. I live the pan in to hold the wool under; sometimes I put a rock on top to weigh it down. Now WALK AWAY!!!! Yes walk away! Don't touch that wool till you have to pull it out! Playing with it will felt it, I learned this the hard way with a beautiful BL fleece I washed this summer.

I leave my wool in for about 20min, just don't let the water cool or the lanolin will stick back into the fibers. After about 20min pull your wool out, I set mine on a mesh chair to drip. Dump the H20, I dump mine right into the garden, my flowers love it!
Fill your tub with hot H20 again, place fleece in, and again, walk away. Repeat till the water runs clear. You may need to use soap again fro a real dirty or greasy fleece. For this one 1 wash will do. Posted by Picasa

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