Sunday, June 04, 2006

my 1st handspun from my wheel

The brown on top is my very 1st off my wheel, it's made from Corriedale Cross top from . I LOVED spinning with this stuff and am so going to get some more. The cream and grey is Swaledale. This stuff was a little slippy, but still spun up nice. It now has to rest on the bobbin for a few days. oh I also ordered this from pacific wool and fiber. On my wheel right now is some dark gray Peruvian Highland, this too is a little slippy but sooo soft, I can't wait to knit it up! The highland was order from . LOVE THEM LOVE THEM. I also order my wheel from them, Linda is soo great. If I ever go to NY i'm so going to visit! I really want to start working on my Shetland, but i'm still waiting on my carders.......I also bought a Dorset cross fleece for $5.50 off of ebay, great deal, it think. I know this is a meat sheep, but hell wool is wool, and i'm planning on blending it anyway. I'm dieing to get a fleece that is a dark color, everthing I have so far is white, well the one shetland is white and black in some places and the other is white and brown.... I wish I would have known how to skirt the fleeces better when I got them, I think that I saved and washed alot of wool I won't be able to get the VM out of. Oh well my thinking was that i didn't want to wast anything..... CARDERS PLEASE COME SOON. I did spin a little of the raw shetland...the wool I picked all the vm out of spun up soo nice, i really want to make lace wt with this....more time spinning for me.
As for knitting, I'm working on a b-day gift shawl for my sister (the one from summer 06 IK, I can't remember it's name right now). I haven't really worked on my possum lace or the knitpicks sock for awile, but i'm sure i will when i get past the 1st chart on the shawl...lace is not good to knit with a 2 1/2 yr old around.... Posted by Picasa


jen said...


That is not your first handspun. I refuse to believe it. It's too good and too even.

Beautiful work, though! I'm in awe!

Rita said...

You're a great spinner! Fleece is so addictive isn't it? I know it takes hours to prepare it but the whole process is such a basic, back-to-mother-earth thing it makes me feel good and it seems to you as well. Enjoy!

The Purloined Letter said...

Beautiful! I love all the pictures with fleece draped all over your house, too.

Good luck with the shetland. I just discovered lace-weight spinning myself.

The Purloined Letter said...

Did you get a Kromski Symphony? Me too!